Monday, March 22, 2010

23 March 2010

I received an email from Jim Reid who reported that he was evicted from Pendera. Apparently, he and Chris Slater, a director of DERA, had words. Chris went after Jim with his umbrella and cane and Jim popped him. Jim said that Slater was as drunk as a shunk with a can of beer flowing out of his jacket pocket. Chris ran off to complain to Kim resulting in Jim's eviction notice. Chris, Jim and Kim are friends or were friends. This is how everyone looks after each other in the DTES. It always amases me when tenants or employees are held accountable for minor actions and yet directors and managers can do what can be described as criminal and get away with it. I do not know what Jim is going to be doing as he is elderly and disabled and transfers are not possible within BC Housing if a tenant is evicted. Jim mentioned that he had a witness and that the incident was videotaped. Chris should be impeached from being a director for unprofessional conduct and he should be criminally charged for threatening. As for Kim -- he should have resolved things rather than running to the Rentalsman before he even talked to Jim.

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