Tuesday, March 30, 2010

CKNW, City Caucus, Francis Bula and Jim Green

The following is the content of an email I sent to CKNW in answer to Jim Green's interview with it this morning:

Where was Jim Green when I was impeached by spouses of the directors from the Board of DERA on 12 Feburary 2010. I pleaded with him by email to attend to vote against my impeachment. Jim Green is a resident of the DTES and therefore a member of DERA. But then where were all the other activists from Wendy Pedersen to Dave Ebby who I also asked by emails to attend.

There was no reason for what BC Housing did. DERA's membership is open to a population of 25,000 people: those who live in the DTES and surrounding neighbourhoods. The purpose of DERA is to represent those who live in the DTES. If there were rumours of mismanagement etc. then the good people of the DTES should have taken an interest in DERA i.e. get together and make sure the Board was competent and living up to its constitution of being of service to the residents of the DTES. What a terrible terrible lose. What terrible terrible good people we have as leaders in the DTES.

P.S. I forgot to mention that since I am a director I am personally liable for at least $500,000 that BC Housing claims that has been misallocated. Years later after the current media blitz, BC Housing will come after me for payment. And I am suppose to be happy over the demis of DERAH. My intent has never been to destroy DERA. It has always been to educate the fuck-ups on the Board so that this would not happen. I sent them so many emails as I researched "societies" that in January 2010 the Board passed a resolution that I was not to send any of the directors further emails.

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