Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I was told that Sabrina, the residential housing manager of DERAH, the one that is paid more money than Kim, is working from her home. I do not understand this as her job requires her to be on site. The buildings look as if they are not cared for and the boss is at home. Amasing.

Also I am annoyed at Kim because I have asked him about a tenant of Tellier, Miguel, and he won't check on him to determine whether or not he is safe. Miguel left his backpack at my place a month ago and I haven't been able to return it to him. Miguel suffers from depression and someone from DERA should be checking on him.

I also asked Kim about Julie as I heard she was extremely ill and I thought to go and see her. Julie lives in the Pendera Building. Again Kim just ignored me. There is suppose to be community in the buildings but I guess community is just rehtoric.

I received a copy of an Appearance telling me that A. Cameron Ward is the lawyer who is going to defend DERA, DERAH and Kim Kerr, so that the information I need as a director will never come to me. I wonder where Kim got the money to hire such a high profile lawyer. The Board must have approved his hiring. Why doesn't the Board just give me the information I am legally entitled to. DERA does not have surplus funds to pay for unnecessary legal costs. DERA is in a deficit financial position which means it is operating on borrowed money. Amasing. If you want a copy of the Affidavit and Petition email me.

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