Sunday, May 9, 2010

It is Sunday and a beautiful day. It is too bad that beautiy is destroyed by human kind.

I heard on Thursday that the accountant for DERA, Bosso, quit. She must be one of the few who know that the definition of what a receiver-manager really means: it means the court appoints a receiver-manager and he comes in and fires everyone. I could never understand this woman. She knew for years of irregularities and yet she did nothing. As long as she had money to go to Europe she was happy. I asked her once why didn't she take an interest in what was happening and she replied why should she. I remember telling her to quit as she wasn't working for a for-profit she was working for a social justice organization. There is nothing wrong with the institutions in the DTES only the people that work in them.

On Wednesday when I was in court Kim said to the court that the court would have to wait until Sister Elizabeth, a director of DERA, came back from her retreat in France to receive instructions from the Board. At this crucial time in the history of DERA why is the nun in Europe. Kim is the one that tells the Board what to do. I couldn't believe him saying to the judge that Sister Elizabeth was needed as she doesn't have any more say than any other director except to pull the religious card. The judge asked Kim how many directors DERA had and Kim replied twelve. I would like to know who the twelve directors are. If there are now twelve directors did the Board appoint a full slate without benefit of an election.

On Wednesday I walked down Hastings Street from Carrall to Princess with a poster sign stating that DERA fired Lily. No one seemed concerned. What surprised me was that Carnegie (Wendy and Jean) and VANDU (Ann) did not know of this event even though it happened a week before. A woman devotes 18 years of her life to the DTES marginalized and nothing.

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