Thursday, May 27, 2010

phoenix DERA

There was talk of phoenixing DERA at the UBC meeting last night. A few of us agreed to meet at 11:30am on Friday at the CCAP meeting on the 3rd floor at Carniegne. We have to keep the towers under community control as well as the advocacy. If DERA goes, then genetification has won. BC Housing seems to be in some rush to to kill the avoaero jet plane. In the history of DERA there has been a lot of good men involved and all they have to do is come together now. There is alot of talk about keeping historical buldings and since DERA is historical we need DERA. There won't be much to overtake DERA just a few good men who believe in the community. Come to the meeting and this topic will be discussed. Otherwise contact me.

At the UBC meeting Jim Green said he "wasn't going to go there." I wonder why he would be opposed to saving DERA. I remember Kim Kerr saying the "vaults" of DERA held evidence that Jim Green wasn't stellar when he was DERA's executve-director. The only thinga I know about Jim Green is that he doesn't answer his emails and the knowledge that Kim Kerr screamed at him on the streets of the DTES that he was a traitor to the people here.

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