Friday, August 27, 2010

911 Emergency Ambulance

UPDATE:9 September 2010. I was able to finally find out who the gent was that I helped. He lives upstairs in my building and I did know who him. When I went to St. Pauls he told me that no one from the building or anyone else had contacted him. I was the only one. The downtown eastside is awash with money to make sure that its residents are community but when someone goes missing for two weeks he vanishes into cyberspace and nothing.

On Wednesday I had the occasion to come across a gent who was in medical distress. I saw him from two blocks away trying to get someone's attention that he needed help. I ran up to him and it was obvious that he was in need of medical help. He was very disoriented. I had Kenny the manager of the building next door phone 911. No one came. I paniced and I ran upstairs to phone 911 and again report the incident. No one came. On the third try the operator admitted that no ambulance was sent as they had to data entry a form so that she could decide which of the three types of emergency vehicles she should dispatch. The man was a stranger. I did not know his name, address, or his medical history. I am fed up with who comes up with these policies which in effect seems to give 911 operators the right to kill someone by insisting on information which I kept telling her I did not know. I have been trying to find out what happened to this gent and all I get is the round around. Try to find the non-emergency number for ambulance service. There is no non-emergency number for ambulance. The closest thing is its administration number who just directs you to its website. Well I didn't have access to a computer what would I do then. The admin number said they would not tell me about anything considering I was a third party and my problem was I should have demanded this information from the ambulance attendees as they transported the gent to the unknown. I do not understand how the confidentiality of a patient in this situation would be illegal. All this stuff about confidentiality is so that we become desensitized to what is happening to others around us. Why would I ever want to help anyone in the future. Those that want confidentiality should have a sign on their foreheads saying do not save me as confidentiality is more important than humanity.

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