Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Computer down addendum Aug 4 2011

My computer has been done for a few weeks so I haven't posted anything. It has been a nice holiday from reporting my ongoing sojourn with VCH. It has been going on 6 months since my constructive visiting hours were imposed. I can't believe it. In this time of cutbacks management is spending so much time over a patient who was nothing more than a bum and me a 65 year old retired lady who lost 100 pounds over the last year. I owe all this to Kim Sinclair and her team of professionals.

In the event you are not aware of the way patient care is now it is with a "team" of professionals so no one takes any resonsibility for anything. But anyone who has taken psy101 knows all groups by natural selection has a leader who says it is the "team" in any draconian decision making.

I still do not understand their insistence on not giving treatment to those patient that refuse it. It is bizarre. A patient won't want to be in a hospital if they did not want to get well. This is an area of "medical ethics" that is still completely beyond my understanding.

I should remention the reason for the scorn of Kim towards me. Last November 2010 Randy was scheduled to go to die in the infamous George Pearson Centre for three weeks prior to him being transferred. Jill the head neuro nurse just forgot to mention it to me (although the day before I was talking to her) and I found out only by chance from overhearing a student nurse. Randy signed a document witnessed by two naming me as his guardian in case of disability and the hospital had it. Not telling me was deliberate and it got worse after that (more on that later as I still haven't got back my computer).

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