Saturday, October 29, 2011

Randy on Saturday

A friend of Randy's went to see him and she called me from his bedside on her cell. I spoke to Randy for a few minutes telling about seeing him on Monday and that on Saturday I was taking the doggies to the groomers for their annual grooming. Can't afford it more than once a year. The groomer chopped so much hair of them I couldn't even recognize them. To say the least both of them didn't seem happy as they ran to hide behind my legs when I went to pick them up. They have been such a comic relief for me.

Randy's friend said that he wrote out his initials in the air so she could see them. He really is keen to learn. There just is no one there to help him. I can't access him as much as he needs. She didn't stay long but I was grateful that she did go and see him.

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