Friday, October 28, 2011

Randy on Thursday/Friday

Yesterday being October 27 2011 Randy was not as enthusiastic as he was on Wednesday but he repeated his lettering, moved his wheelchair, and was social with a few of the residents who came into the family room.

Today being Friday October 28 2011 when I arrived at GPC at 2:00 p.m. I was told by Tanu that Randy didn't want to get out of bed. When I went to see Randy for my five minutes to see that he was okay (I am sorry I thought it was ten minutes but have been advised it is only five minutes)he wanted me to stay by his bedside as he said he was in pain but I told him that GPC won't let me. He would have to get up and be in his wheelchair and he would have to go to the piano room. He agreed and then I was told that there was no staff to put him in his chair and he should have told the staff earlier if he wanted to see me. (Randy for the most part cannot connect because of his brain injury cause and effect. He seems to live in the moment). It was a repeat of what happened on Monday.

GPC knows every time I go down the hall to see him for my five/ten minutes he always wants to see me. Randy is suppose to get 6.5 hours of care a day. For staff to spend five minutes to put him in his chair should not be a hardship. I am not there to visit I am there to audit/rehab which GPC has been faulty in not motivating Randy to do which which means he must have at least 6.0 hrs a day credit over one year 360 days X 6 hrs = 2,160 hours X $100 an hour = $216,000) which GPC is being paid for and Randy is not getting treated for.

Randy has had a traumatic brain injury and millions of his brain cells have been destroyed and the staff at GPC treat him as he is whole. He isn't. The staff at GPC must be very badly trained as they do not seem to understand this. He responds well to visual stimulation (like seeing me) not verbal questions (like do you want to get up in your chair or do you want any visitors). I still do not understand why when he was in acute care (VCH) he was taken out of bed each day and they didn't ask his permission but at GPC they ask him. I suspect it is easier to keep him in bed so he loses muscle mass and eventually won't be able to get up even if he wanted to.

How easy it would be to alienate his affection for me. GPC has custody of him all the time and I get to see him only a few hours/few minutes a week. I fear he is becoming institutionalized and I am helpless to prevent it.

When I left I had to pull my hand away from his grip. He wasn't crying but I was. I was told on Wednesday that he has been put on antidepressants which would dull his reactions as he usually cries when he sees me.

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