Friday, January 13, 2012

Nothing will ever change at GPC

When Randy first was admitted to GPC (November 20 2010)I questioned why was a visitor allowed to cook gourmet meals in the community kitchen in Ward 2. The Residents policy guide prohibits it. Other residents and visitors including the Residents Council and CARMA also have aromatic food brought in. I was under the impression that this was not happening any more. This afternoon a pizza was delivered to Ward 2 The delivery guy said he delivers pizza nearly everyday to Ward 2.Since I am banned from entering Ward 2 I do not know what is happening there. GPC forbids fragrant flowers but yet it allows the fragrance of food to permeate the ward. The smell of freshly cooked food must be torture for Randy.

Randy has been going crazy these past few weeks as he wanted to eat real food and as a result he refused to eat. I was so scared that he would get weak and then a pneumonia. Since GPC has a policy of not forcing a patient to do anything, Randy was starving. Since Randy's accident he has been feed by tubes. I do not know what happened but yesterday he started to take his stomach feed again. And now he has to deal with the smell of a pizza tonight. GPC has a large carpeted dinning/activity room which is very comfortable with microwaves, vending machines and catered food can be eaten there or purchased from GPC's kitchen.

I also asked for a photocopy of the feed flow chart of when and how manytimes Randy refused his feed from December 15 2011 until now. Like always anything important to me, GPC just neglects to follow through. Even though Randy signed the directive, GPC just ignored it.

I thought things were going to change ... Poor Randy and the indiferrence of those who are suppose to be caring for him including the Residents Council.

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