Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another Week also see new paragraph

It has been an interesting week.  I am totally exhausted.  I have been taking Randy home for the past few weeks and it is proving too much for me.  He can't be or he doesn't want to be alone for a minute.  For the most part he is manic as he is tries to talk to me and he can't.  He makes gestures and I do not understand him and then he gets more and more frustrated.  I am at a lose.  At the moment he wants me to buy him a walker.  He wants to walk but GPC says he is not ready but then if you depend on GPC he will never be ready.  For the past year all I have heard is he isn't ready to talk, to eat, to walk.  I still do not understand why he wasn't sent to GF Strong as he was originally destined to go. Maybe it had something to do with his later reassessment in that he was never going to be a high wage earner (taxpayer).  GPC is only a maintenance hospital (residential care facility).  No one gets better.  When you are sent to GPC you are told that the resident is as good as he will ever get and GPC makes sure that that status quo remains as stated. This is where VCH $cuts and $cuts and $cuts. We all know that money is joyful and that the lack of such must be the reason GPC is unjoyful.

more musings to follow ... re death of a resident (fond memories of and regrets), re reports of a Ward 2 visitor who is still cooking food in the common area of Ward 2; a nurse telling me that she couldn't talk to me as she was on her break as if she was afraid to be seen talking to me (this could also explain the fact when I leave a message for someone to telephone me no one returns by call: I tested this on the evening shift on Friday, Saturday and Sunday: I phoned and left a message for someone from Ward 2 to call me: no one called); no rental eviction notice but the neighbours are still vindictive as I just received a ticket for a dog not leashed on a date so long ago I do not remember, etc... a week in the life of a woman close to 70. I am near the end of my life and my time is precious and I do not have time to be confronted with these things every single day since Randy arrived at GPC.  What bullying; what craziness.  And the obvious as stated in an article about bullying I recently read: bullies always win.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

From being honeyed to being hated

Being honeyed has transcended to being hated.  My neighbours have decided that I am a danger to them and an email received from the landlord has agreed so it looks like an eviction will be forthcoming. I told one of my neighbours about Randy and he even went to GPC to visit Randy but only to be told that I am honeyed and the feedback I got from him was totally false like I had spent eight years locked up in a mental health facility.  Not true but he believed it and soon all the neighbours believed it.  One of the tenants here put a notice on my door that I was a safety hazard because of Randy's oxygen tank (it might explode). And when the police arrived he concurred with her. Oxygen is not combustible and more importantly an Oxygen tank must be turned ON before it can help an existing flame to burn faster and the flame has to be within five feet of the oxygen.  And I was told by one of the tenants that she was going to phone 911 as Randy was not allowed here as he did not live here and should be in a hospital (hidden from view). And please do not tell me to go to the Residential Tenancy Act.  I know of NO ONE who has gone that route that has been successful.  The RTA is a joke.  It was legislated (downloaded) so landlords  police tenants,  When you own a home no one tells you want to do but when you rent one you are faced with eviction if a tenant/neighbour doesn't want to see a handicapped person. 

I am still a danger to the vulnerable residents at GPC and now I am a danger to the tenants here.  Funny, I just realized this afternoon (Sunday) as I attended religious services (Joy Fellowship) with Randy at GPC with those residents that are totally the most vulnerable and no one is afraid of me.  They welcome me. Those that run around in $30,000 motor wheelchairs are not all vulnerable.  Most of them are quite capable of looking after themselves and creating havoc. See Paul Caine's website "Civil Rights Now." They should direct their energies to some worthwhile project like campaigning the government to give them more than $95 a month for spending money instead of panhandling or get them to campaign that all renters in BC can have pets if their doctors feel it would help them against depression and loneliness especially for seniors.  There is so much human capital at GPC wasted...Like Paul Caine said GPC is a warehouse for the incurables in BC so why give them a will to live.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012

Do No Harm

Blogger has gone crazy on me.  I can't read the dashboard as it is in Spanish or some other similar language and I can't change it to English. So I do not even know if this will be published. 

The question I am pondering now is: DO NO HARM.  What harm did I do vs. what harm VCH has done.  VCH is in a position of absolute power and as a result VCH has negatively abused its powers to the point that the general population is or should be in fear of it.  VCH is so into proactive measures that they cause excessive harm to the ridiculous (eg. schools banning swings and baseball).

And now they are talking of euthanasia.  If euthanasia is illegal why is VCH even discussing the topic in their ethics (management) committees and how easy it would be to create a culture of death as who would oppose CEO Napolean. Look up Holland and its new deathmobiles....six of them. see

In Oregon in 2011 only 1 of the 71 people who died by assisted suicide was referred for a psy assessment.  The slippery slope sold to the public as a safeguard to protect the depressed and others. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

Where is my earlier blog that I wrote this morning...                                                     
The point I made was being honeyed goes hand-in-hand with being bullied. And being honeyed-bullied is not specific to me: most visitors and residents (patients) at GPC have experienced this humiliating behavior.  I am close to seventy years ago and I am not used to this behavior so when did this behavior became the norm VCH manages its properties.

Like on Sunday when I witnessed a RN tell a resident for it to leave a ward or it is going to be banned.  This resident didn't do or say anything and this resident wasn't in the way of anyone, so why such a threat. And where did this RN get such power over a person's freedom of travel or association in its own home.  I am sure the nurse then went off to write up an "objective confidential incident report."  This little exercise is going to take days to go through the system at great $cost to administration in the way of "transaction costs" (or are incident reports paid for by the federal government, I think not).  So who pays for these nonsense incident reports; they have to be costed to some ledger.

No wonder there are so few visitors in GPC, they get banned without due process and the residents doesn't even know and he thinks he has been abandoned.  All residents should be on an internet data base so everyone (an old school friend, an old lover, a lost child) can know where they are.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Honeyed by VCH

I created a new blog which I am sure will attract much attention। It is called:

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

VPD and Sharing of Info with the USA

Being labelled as suicidial has serious implications if you want to visit the USA: they won't let you in as you are emotionally unstable.  Our "privacy concerns" are so screwed up that anyone can report an untruth and he is protected.  The least the VPD can do if you are a subject of a complaint that a copy of the police report be mailed to you.  This should also be a policy of Vancouver Coastal Health: staff can write incident reports and visitors and patients are not even aware of them.

I still cannot believe what has happened to me over my concern over Randy.   VCH has written policies for everything and they sound reasonable but yet if it does not want to follow them there is nothing you can do.   It is like being a director of a non-profit who discovers that the Board is corrupt.  Is anyone going to pay $450 a hour from your personal funds to a lawyer to be stonewalled.  Of course not.  A director quits if he is unhappy and never ever gets involved with the democratic process again so this is why there is no good people in politics and in my case I will have no alternative but to walk when my health fails.

Today I attended at GPC at 12:15 pm; I interested Randy in striking a piano keyboard as his fingers are not functioning very well due to lack of use/physio.  He seems to be getting worse since December 2011.  He was able to write his initials; he was able to speak a few words; and his limbs were more flexible. He was able to focus and attempt brain empowering exercises.  Now I do not know what is happening.  When I take him off site he becomes alert from stimili but then I do not have him for long.  VCH from the beginning of his care never really provided motivation or enough physio for him to recover.  I try what I can but it isn't enough.  He took his feed after I arrived so I couldn't leave GPC until 2:30 and then we went to Oakridge and I purchased him a new watch so he could see the time in the dark.  Tomorrow he wants to see me at noon so we can spend Sunday together hanging out with the doggies.

Friday, March 2, 2012

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