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Letter to Worksafe and Union December 15 2011

In my quest to have an independent investigation by an outside party into the allegations that infringed on Randy's rights to associate with me as well as my access to him, I sent the below worded letter to Work Safe and to the Employees Union to investigate the bullying which I was subjected to as it involved safe practices.  Nothing came of the two letters.  Since then the young man who incessantly rang his call bell has died and I wasn't even afforded the opportunity to attend his memorial service although I was but a few hundred feet away. I will never forgive GPC for this.

15 December 2011

Contents of email to

Subject: George Pearson Centre


My name is Audrey Jane Laferriere.

For the past ten months I have been constructively banned from George Pearson Centre because I was a safety issue for the residents, staff and visitors of GPC. The hours I am allowed to see Randy are during the day from 2:00 to 4:00 sometimes to 4:30 pm from MtoF. These hours are very difficult for me and I have had to change my life to accommodate and forgo other commitments. I am not allowed to visit Randy on weekends, holidays or weekends that are the usual hours for friends and visitors. I am not allowed to see Randy in his ward (his home for the next fifteen years) so I cannot attend to his personal comfort like using his remote to find tv channels he would enjoy. I can only see him if he is feeling up to it and then it is in the piano room across from security. Randy has very little mobility and cannot speak.

Although I tried to adhere to the written policies of VCH to appeal this banning, I was not afforded the opportunity to talk to those that accused me nor was I allowed an independent investigation into the incident(s).

The tipping point for my constructive banning was when I went into a resident's room and gave him a plush toy in February 2011 and a LPN followed me into the resident's room, grabbed the plush toy from my hand, said the resident didn't need the toy, and told me that I wasn't allowed in his room. The plush toy wasn't returned to me; it landed up in the nurses’ station in full view. Up until that time I was friendly with the resident and the week prior I had given him another plush toy. Plush toys are necessary for residents so they have something soft and cuddly to touch; a substitute for human contact. And this young man had a habit of incessantly using his call bell to call nursing staff because he was lonely.

This whole incident is about bullying by a few staff, a few residents, and one visitor which bullying is still continuing. My reputation has been damaged beyond repair. Since bullying can be dangerous, it must fall under your purview.

If you could investigate the incidents I would appreciate it.

Audrey Laferriere



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