Friday, May 4, 2012

The Beginning of May

Today I showed Randy a printout of the Randy Michael Walker Foundation blog.  The first project is to change the BC Residential Tenancy Act to allow for comfort dogs no matter where.  It will give him life and I hope it will give allow others to engage in the process of changing a law to comfort those of us who need the love of a animal in our daily lives. I could see he was proud and he knows it will happen.  Far better for him to do this than play "bingo" at the home.

I was very upset for a few days last week.  The one day when Randy had a fever and two days when he couldn't get out of bed.  I was assured by the nursing staff that he was okay and things like this happen and are expected but I wasn't having anything of it.  I didn't believe them.  VCH has destroyed my trust of its function.  I have been told or not told too many things that are not true so that I have no trust.  I sit at home looking at nothing.  Wondering how I would react if Randy died.  I remember my brother-in-law said that I wasn't to go and see my sister that one day as she was tired and she died and I never saw her again.


In the beginning, social service agencies are often filled with first generation people who, as one advocate in the community puts it, “have fire in their bellies”.

After the first wave come well-meaning people who have a job. 
And then eventually the staff is dominated by risk-averse people who have careers to build and protect.

above quote from blog on web page : Civil Rights Now by Paul Caune, a former resident/patient of George Pearson Centre

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