Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cruel and Unreasonable

What is happening to me is cruel and unreasonable.  Randy is in a high risk ward which means he is at high risk of infection and certain death and yet he and I are treated as if we are part of the general population which is stable and does not need specialized care.

Today being May 9 2012 while I had Randy at home I noticed around 4:00 p.m. that he was hot.  He seemed to have a fever but I wasn't sure.  I was worried because he was having heavy secretions but when the RT phoned she assured me that was okay but I neglected to tell her of the suspected fever.  And later his trach secretions were getting thicker and slightly yellow.  At 7:00 p.m. I felt his body and he was freezing cold.  I had already wrapped him in a heavy fleece blanket and I phoned GPC and told him of the above and was told to wrap him in a blanket.  I told GPC I was returning Randy by bus and should be there in one-half hour. As I left him in the hallway at GPC he looked listless and the nurse assured me that she would phone me if there was anything serious. By whose definition of seriousness. They didn't even phone to assure me he was okay. 

I told Randy to make sure he made the staff aware he was sick and to my astonishment he indicated he won't.  I suggested was it because they would only make it worse and he said yes.  When patients/residents are sick and they are afraid to tell staff, there is something seriously seriously wrong.

Randy  cannot talk, eat or walk and I had to leave him with staff who would only do his vitals and then ignore him.  It is not their job to comfort him; and be at his bedside.  I am seventy years old and VCH should be doing everything possible to accommodate Randy and I and not to continue this outrageous banning for what I do not know. Nothing should be for life.  There are no grounds for criminal charges so what is their unreasonable reasoning for this.  I was told Napolean Ostrow does not like my blog.  There would be no blog if from the beginning if VCH treated me and Randy with respect and compassion. I remember before Randy went to GPC I spoke to the head nurse at VGH the day before he moved about where he was going to be moved and Jill said she did not know.  Subsequently I found out Jill knew for three weeks ahead of time as it was her job to arrange the move and she didn't tell me. Why not.  I found out by accident.  It was either a poor joke or VCH was going to hide Randy under the protection of the Public Guardian and Trustee Act as they told me they planned on doing and I could go on with my life.  .

I harmed no one.  I was trying to be friendly and helpful..    I had no idea that my intentions would cause me post traumatic stress and I dare not think what it has done to Randy.  I still haven't got my independent investigation of the cause of my humiliation.

My opinion of GPC is that it is a minimum security prison with day passes for its residents and a criminal subculture to match.

There is a recent book out there called:  Escape from Camp 14 and everyone should read it.

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