Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vancouver General Hospital vs. XXXXXX

I was sent the Oral Reasons for Judgment on appeal of an Injunction dated September 3 1998 between Vancouver General Hospital and XXXXXX by Risk Management.  I can't believe Bob blanked out in black the name of the Defendant.  It is a public court document so why would VGH black out the name of the Defendant. Besides it wasn't even the document I wanted I wanted the Reasons why the Injunction failed not the reasons for why the Injunction lost on appeal.

The document nevertheless says at common law VCH has the right to control access to its property in the context of that it concludes is in the best interests of its institution and the patients and staff in that institution.  The only problem with that is that the common law referred to was when the common folk did not pay for hospitals or have universal  health care or know the benefit of family for recovery.  Hospitals are now paid by taxpayers and overseen by the legislature and the expectations of the public are different. The common law is archaic.

Randy was in GPC for over a year until I was told by other residents that residents cannot be forced to stay inside and they could go off site.

Randy was imprisoned for close to two years  without him or me knowing that if Randy wanted to see me he could.  His wheelchair could be transported to the sidewalk even if I was banned.  And VCH although they knew they could not constructively imprison Randy chose to do so. 

Randy did not feel the sun for two years. (at 1.5 years at GPC and six months at VGH). Staff is not allowed to take Randy outside to the patio. Me being subject to harsh bullying by visitors, residents and staff which has never been addressed by VCH and then being banned for trying to be friendly with residents is absurd.  VCH works on the premises that it is never at fault.  Banning at most should only be for a few days not forever. 

And what about Randy was it ever discussed with him that he can't see me when he wants to. No the most important person and he was left out of the loop. The policy at GPC is that visiting is from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm each day and visitors have access to the common areas of the hospital without asking permission beforehand or as I have seen it visitors saying hi or good evening to residents.. But I am not allowed in the common areas or speaking to residents but the residents have to talk to me first.

VCH must have a policy not to advise what your rights are or even what services are provided. If you do not know then that is your problem. On Friday I learned that there is a massage therapist available for residents.  It took me two years to learn this and then not staff but a resident told me. I also recently found out that the two short sessions Randy goes for physiotherapy per week was for respiratory only and not the whole body.  How can he try to learn to walk when the therapy is only so he can  breathe. He has to have hope.

It is a wonder that Randy is still alive.

I am going to make a monetary plea for the GPC Recreation Department.  The equipment, supplies and outings are mostly funded by the Marpole Ladies Auxiliary and it is hard for the Ladies to raise sufficient cash.  Residents should have more than one outing every three months.  So send money to the Recreation Department George Pearson Centre, 700 West 57th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6P 1S1  604.321.3231. My plea is especially directed to those that are employed at George Pearson Centre.  I am sure they all can afford to donate one-hour of their salary to a cause that they see everyday.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Moira Stillwell, MLA

I just came from the Oakridge Seniors Centre where Dr.Moira Stillwell MLA for Langara was doing her quarterly get together with the seniors.  Being a doctor she assured me that I wasn't crazy just frustrated. And the members who were there agreed that I should not have had to go through this frustration. Moira also agreed with me that Vancouver Coastal Health is being overly cautious re my behavior and it wasn't anything personal.And when I mentioned to the group that I could only see Randy from 2:00 to 4:00 for the most part during the day when the day is active on his ward rather than weekends, evenings and holidays, they were angry as weekends, holidays and evenings are when visiting hours should happen. And when I said even during my restrictive hours I could not visit Randy at his bedside, the anger got more intense. I am now allowed to visit him in the hot piano room on site from noon to 4:00 seven days a week but I can take him off site for as long as Randy/I want. Go figure. Randy is in a high risk ward and I am not allowed to be at his bedside. I believe that the reason for my banning from Randy's bedside is because the if I did go to Ward 2 the bullies would feel uncomfortable no other reason.

Ken D, a school board trustee was there to assure the audience that their grandchildren will be educated.  He also said he would bring up my suggestion that the board provide continuing education for those in extended care facilities (volunteer lectures by student teachers on academic topics): education being a quality of life issue.

Randy is again refusing his stomach feed so according to the Smith Judgment re Assisted Suicide I am glad because now the health authority cannot use the argument that Randy is refusing treatment as he has been diagnosed as clinically depressed and under equality he has to be afforded the same protection i.e. the health authorities cannot help him to commit suicide.VCH will have to force feed him if necessary.

A good day over all.

Thank you Lynn Smith.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Again and again and again...

Staff cannot be consistently incompetent.  They must hate working in GPC

One day (Monday) that is all it took for my love affair to end after everything went without stress for me in that the staff made sure that everything was as it should, on Tuesday feeling that finally staff will make sure that Randy is ready for his daily 6-8 hour trip with me, I want freedom from stress every time I take Randy off site but it was not to happen.  When Randy and I were on the bus (Broadway and Cambie) he coughed up a lot of mucous.  I asked him if a nurse suctioned him before he left the ward.  He indicated no.  I asked him if he needed a suction as we could get off the bus or could he wait until we got to Tinsel Town park.  He nodded yes.  I watched him very carefully to make sure he was breathing okay.  At Tinsel Town I discovered that the plastic tubing from the portable suction machine to the red suction tube was missing.  I momentarily panicked.  I then decided to take Randy to an Atira building and call 911. When the ambulance arrived I assured them that Randy only needed the tubing.  Although 911 wasn't allowed to do suctioning they gave me one so I could do it myself.   Hours later I again tried to suction Randy and this time the suction machine would not pick up.  It was not sufficiently charged. I then noticed that the suction machine was not a clean one as the water bottle was 1/4 full meaning that no one had checked or cleaned the equipment from Monday. I then took Randy back to George Pearson Centre and had to wait 30 minutes before someone came to get Randy.  The nurse that came to get Randy commented that Randy was soaking wet as it had started to rain when I took Randy off the bus and had to walk with him two blocks to the entrance..He wasn't soaking wet but he was rained on.

And to top it off that woman who picks up poo in the lane put poo in my flower box again. At least this time it wasn't on the door step. I am so careful with the doggies' poo that I even pick it up with paper toweling before I put it in a plastic bag so not even a whisper of poo remains on a blade of grass. If that wasn't bad enough she started screaming that I was being cruel to Missey.  Missey is a golden retriever who is a senior now who decided to sit in the lane and not move.. And as I tried to pull her collar towards the door, she wiggled out of it, with a look of complete joy on her face that she could foil my efforts.  I turned my back on the doggie with that woman screaming animal cruelty so she could attract the neighbours,  I then said bye  Missey and a few minutes later Missey followed me inside. So now I have a dog off leash in the lane and expecting another $250 fine. I am going on 70 and I do not need this.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Randy's Anniversary

It has been two years since Randy's accident and the days are melting into one ...

Today for the first time I can remember nothing went wrong.  Randy was delivered to me on time, appropriately dressed, etc.  I can't remember a time before when everything was as it should be including the suction machine, his feed and his toilet..  Randy became relaxed as he visited his friend Alfred...Randy has always had a calming affect on me.

There is a recent report by CBC W5: Long Care Faciliites May Put Seniors at Risk March 31, 2012, where there has been a shift from nursing home for the elderly to residential care facilities that are dumping grounds for those who have no where else to go including the young, the mentally ill, and the violent.  And of course none of this is known to other residents or I suspect staff working with them. The report also mentioned that care workers work as though they are on an assembly line. Thank you BCGEU and the RN Union.. The trend is now for families to hire personal care workers if they can afford to. In the CBC Report a mother was paying $63,000 a year in addition to the cost of the care facility to make sure her father is safe.  I saw two incidents of this when I was allowed on Ward 2 at GPC.  And I am being forced to take Randy off site to ensure he is getting the attention he needs as I am banned from his bedside  

Friday, June 1, 2012

A You Tube moment

I returned Randy to George Orwell at about 8:00 p.m. on Thursday.  It was pouring rain out and Randy was cocooned in his chair under a heavy fleece blanket.  On his lap/chest area Owen his little doggie "his son"  was laying quietly soaking wet not wanting to leave Randy.  It was a You Tube moment.

However it was quickly destroyed by the night manager, Evelyn, who reminded me that Randy's doggie was not allowed on site.  The problems of George Pearson Centre with being short staffed, with people dying, with no one to answer phones in a timely manner and yet, although no harm was done, the bullies in Ward 2 can get management to run around enforcing nonsense. The bullies of Ward 2 watch me every minute when I am on site as I have to pass its windows on my way to the entrance.

Little Owen is a cute little 17-pound terri-poo with big brown eyes. He was securely leashed on a short leash so he could not attack anyone. Also we were outside the building in the rain. No one else was there.

It was Evelyn who gave me my banning letter at 6:00 pm in February 2011 and I said to her then that since I had come all the way from North Burnaby I will visit Randy until 7:00 pm and then leave and I would deal with the letter next day.  That wasn't good enough for her.  She called security and security called the police. This she did in front of Randy a quad who can't talk or walk with a trach in his throat and a brain injury but I saw terror in his eyes as he did not understand what was happening.  GPC was cruel and insensitive. And I will never forgive it.

When the police arrived the police said to let me stay until 7:00 pm.  The GPC staff have no commonsense. They chose what directives they want to follow no matter without questioning why.  Just like policies VGH has binders full yet chose not to follow them arbitrarily. Policies are only a regulatory insist by the government with no enforcement penalty.

And another thing Evelyn did was call Car 87, the mental health police car, so they could take me off to a psych ward.  Later I thought to myself how lucky I was that the car wasn't able to get there until after I left. I was witness to a man in 2010 who was taken away to the mental health unit in St. Pauls for six weeks and he never ever after that ever complained that his rights were being violated. The law of unforeseen consequences and enforcement by the state.

GPC does not care about patients (it is just a rote job for them) except to isolate them and allow a culture of bullying (abuse of power) to exist. Look at any third world country and that is how they are governed.  A hierarchy of bullies.  And now it has come here.


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