Friday, June 1, 2012

A You Tube moment

I returned Randy to George Orwell at about 8:00 p.m. on Thursday.  It was pouring rain out and Randy was cocooned in his chair under a heavy fleece blanket.  On his lap/chest area Owen his little doggie "his son"  was laying quietly soaking wet not wanting to leave Randy.  It was a You Tube moment.

However it was quickly destroyed by the night manager, Evelyn, who reminded me that Randy's doggie was not allowed on site.  The problems of George Pearson Centre with being short staffed, with people dying, with no one to answer phones in a timely manner and yet, although no harm was done, the bullies in Ward 2 can get management to run around enforcing nonsense. The bullies of Ward 2 watch me every minute when I am on site as I have to pass its windows on my way to the entrance.

Little Owen is a cute little 17-pound terri-poo with big brown eyes. He was securely leashed on a short leash so he could not attack anyone. Also we were outside the building in the rain. No one else was there.

It was Evelyn who gave me my banning letter at 6:00 pm in February 2011 and I said to her then that since I had come all the way from North Burnaby I will visit Randy until 7:00 pm and then leave and I would deal with the letter next day.  That wasn't good enough for her.  She called security and security called the police. This she did in front of Randy a quad who can't talk or walk with a trach in his throat and a brain injury but I saw terror in his eyes as he did not understand what was happening.  GPC was cruel and insensitive. And I will never forgive it.

When the police arrived the police said to let me stay until 7:00 pm.  The GPC staff have no commonsense. They chose what directives they want to follow no matter without questioning why.  Just like policies VGH has binders full yet chose not to follow them arbitrarily. Policies are only a regulatory insist by the government with no enforcement penalty.

And another thing Evelyn did was call Car 87, the mental health police car, so they could take me off to a psych ward.  Later I thought to myself how lucky I was that the car wasn't able to get there until after I left. I was witness to a man in 2010 who was taken away to the mental health unit in St. Pauls for six weeks and he never ever after that ever complained that his rights were being violated. The law of unforeseen consequences and enforcement by the state.

GPC does not care about patients (it is just a rote job for them) except to isolate them and allow a culture of bullying (abuse of power) to exist. Look at any third world country and that is how they are governed.  A hierarchy of bullies.  And now it has come here.


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