Friday, August 31, 2012

the PNE

On Wednesday Randy and I and a few residents went to the Pacific National Exhibition.  It was an all day affair and I was very impressed.  The last time I was at the PNE it must have been ten years ago and I was not impressed.  It was tacky and nothing to see.  Even the barns were upgraded for fairgoers to enjoy as well as the faciliites in the Collisium.  And the best part of the day was that nothing went wrong with Randy's care and I had a volunteer help me with pushing Randy's wheelchair.  The only unfortunate thing happen was I got lost.  I stopped to purchase a drink and when I looked up the convey of wheelchairs were not to be seen. 

During our lunch break one of the residents attempted to pull out his stomach feeding tube as he wanted real food.  The incident went back to my wanting Willey the ten-year visitor at Ward 2 to stop cooking in Ward 2.  He then went on a hate to discredit me because now things were not the way they always were.  He cooked his gourmet meals every day as he was there every day  in the common kitchen so that Randy and others who cannot eat except by a feeding tube would be tormented by the smell of the food.  No one on the Ward did anything.  If you are immobile and can't talk  you can be subjected to psyschological pain and you have no voice and if you did have a family member say something he would be ignorned..  Meet Willey on the YouTube video: Envisioning home.  Who would dare tell the poster child for GPC to cease such cruelty.  And he did not and for two years he did not stop.  Only recently his right to do as he wants has been subdued.

There is a cafeteria at GPC which is there for visitors to eat.  But it wasn't only him CARMA a mentors group meet every Tuesday in Ward 2 and they did the same thing.  A group of residents being equally cruel. 

This was a no brainer and yet Nurse Ratched did nothing. All through my ordeal with GPC I have never heard one iota of criticism of Tanu.  It is surreal. That place is out of a Stephen King novel.

I was recently talking to an academic within the medical field and I was told that I should negotiate with GPC.  Where is it that it says that when VCH abuses/bullies you you are forced to befriend VCH for a piece of rice. I know of no one who had dealing with VCH that ever went away satisfied.  They will humiliate you to the very end.

I am past trying to negotiate. VCH refuses to follow its own policies.  I asked from the beginning that I be able  to speak to those that found me offensive and I also asked for independent counsellors to come into GPC and talk to these people to calm their fears if they even had any.  I have yet to come across anyone from Ward 2 who even knows of my restrictions except for Rod, Patricia and Whilley.  Three of the poster childlren in the video mentioned above. And those who were involved along with the floor staff in putting a petition together to get me banned. Whilley said that things were not the same since I was allowed to visit Randy, that he didn't lke me; that I smelled, that I was a thief, and that I wasn't good for Randy.  Although this was relayed to VCH by me VCH allowed the bullying and lies to continue causing me acute stress.  VCH's easy solution was to ban me a week later.  VCH did it so seamlessless I countered at that time VCH must do this all the time.  

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