Saturday, September 1, 2012

I had occasion to speak with Risk Management this past week and the knowledge that this bureaucracy did not know of Seniors at Risk disquieted me.  How could it not know.  Randy always said that the Internet would cause the end of society.  And he is right.  Society as we know it now. The medical system is going to change and it will do so rapidly.  The Arab Spring is near but VCH is not aware of it.  How can such an important message found in Seniors at Risk not even interest top management. 

Two cases reported in Seniors at Risk recanted the ordeal of two women, both doctors, who were banned from hospitals because they questioned the standard of care their loved ones were getting got me to thinking about the standard of care Randy is getting.  And I am now afraid.  Up until now not being a medical person I never really questioned what they were doing. It was the bullying that distracted me. I just thought a red robin was a bird not a crucial aid in Randy's life. In August 2011 Randy had a Code Blue and I still haven't been told what caused it.  I think it was the lack of a red robin.  And there are still other incidents that I think about.

I had occasion to be in a public forum on Thursday and I introduced myself as being a "comfort advocate" for Randy Michael Walker.  Now I have an identity albeit one I created.


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