Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Beautiful Doggie

For the longest time I have been without identification as it went missing.  No big loss except my bus pass was in it and the cost of transit going to VGH each day was thus prohibitive.  I am on the guaranteed income pension which isn't much after paying my rent and utilities and paying for things to make Randy's life a bit more enjoyable and fun.I am also paying $10.00 a day for a television as VCH does not provide televisions free.  Since Randy is a quad there is nothing else for him except for me and that isn't all that great as he can't talk. At least now we can watch tv together and he can indicate to me what channel he might want to watch.

Yesterday however "David D Hayward" of Joyfellowship came to see us.  It is a christian fellowship devoted to those that have mostly been abandoned due to their medical/physical handicaps.  No one from GPC dropped by as GPC is not allowed to tell anyone where Randy is as that information is private and confidential.  And GPC is suppose to be Randy's family.  What a joke.

Missey, Randy's resued doggie somehow got into my bag and extracted my small plastic bag containing my ID and bus pass as I just found it scattered of its contents with her teeth marks visible.  How can anyone be angry at such a beautiful dog. So I hugged her.

Since Randy has been at VGH because of reoccurring infections this past month, I am totally exhausted.  It is hard being a comfort advocate/spouse/companion at my close to 70 year old age.

In any event, since this month has been $costly I was hoping that some of you will drop off doggie food for Missie and little Owen, who was also a rescue.  Owen is a cute terri-poo as I can't even find the energy to go to the SPCA DTES food bank for food for the doggies which previously I would go biweekly to. The doggies are not fussy; they eat dry food, wet food, eggs, apples, cat food, cantaloupe, cucumber and green cabbage.

My address is 5976B Cambie Street (see yellow door) across from Safeway at Oakridge.


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