Sunday, December 30, 2012

Geoff Plant 5

For the past few days it has been very difficult for Randy as he didn't want to return to GPC.  At St. Paul's he was being treated beyond his infection. I do not understand where these infections are suddently coming from.  I suspect VCH doesn't even want to know where they come from.  Investigating causation would hurt the $bottom line.

At St.Paul's he was given a pm valve so he could talk (whisper), he was given breathing exercises,I was giving him mild bed physio, he was given motivation and hope.  These past few days he have been terribly depressed and he won't do anything. 

As for me I am totally exhausted.  With three admissions to VGH, and two to St. Paul's for treatable life threatening infections and DNRs to cancel, it will take me a bit to recover. 

This Christmas season has no reason for me to remember anything.  It is as if it never happened. 

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