Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Geoff Plant...604-891-1186

I received an email from Geoff Plant yesterday saying that he could not help us.  Geoff Plant is the Chair of Providence Health (St. Paul's Hospital).  If he can't help us, who can.

When I was talking to Chris Shaw, Patient Relations, from St. Paul's yesterday, Bob Chapman's counterpart, he sounded just like Bob Chapman, so no help there. He said that Randy would be returned to GPC although Randy does not want to go there because it is unsafe

Later today I spoke to the social worker at St. Paul's.  She said that Randy was going to be returned to GPC without him even going upstairs to recover. When I argued that it was not safe for Randy to return to GPC her comment was that she had no evidence.  It is not her to make the determine if GPC is safe for Randy or not.  It is up to her to make sure a full investigation is done and concluded before Randy is transferred anywhere. Her job is to make sure Randy is safe.  Randy became pissed off with me as she did not include him in the discussion. And I couldn't tell him him that St. Paul's was going to send him back. It was just too hard not knowing how he would react. I will have to leave that until Thursday.

Randy of course does not want to go there.  He wants to stay at St. Pauls.

Last time Randy was moved from VGH to GPC he was terrified when he realized where he was going, he pulled out his trach when he reached GPC..  He also has a history of self-harming himself.  But his psychological state means nothing.

I still cannot fanthom how they could even consider a DNR order when he is clinically depressed. As soon as Randy is returned to GPC, the DNR order will be reinstated and this time the staff will make sure that I am not privy to any health complications. Randy cannot change his mind only Dr. Done can make that determination. Randy doesn't even have to sign anything; only Done's word is regal. Representation agreements are a joke.  If staff think a family member might influence a loved one, the family member is excluded from everything. There is already a dictate by Ro Ang saying No Conversation with You, Audrey. How can I make sure Randy is being cared for it I can't talk to anyone and my visiting hours are restricted to the point that I might as well not be there. On Thursday last (a week ago tomorrow) Randy's lawyer was to get the DNR removed and I haven't heard a word from him although he promised to tell me of his success last Friday.  You can't trust the medical system, you can't trust your lawyer, who can you trust.

It is not Randy's fault that his injuries are such that GPC cannot treat him properly and it is too expensive to keep him in an acute care hospital. 

No other institution would force anyone to return to an abusive dangerous situation expect for Vancouver Coastal Health and also now St Paul's: a hospital that values life and family and religion..

The definition of abuse is any action or inaction by any person that causes harm or risk of harm to a person.  I suspect VCH gets around the definition by saying that VCH is not a person.Abuse includes physical, emotional, or mental harm and neglect.


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