Tuesday, January 22, 2013

14 out of 14

My survey now includes 14 out of 14 bus users that did not know what a medical DNR is.  And those that have agreed to DNRs or Advanced Directives I am sure when questioned would not know what they were really agreeing to: a patriotic duty to end one's life sooner than necessary. After agreeing to a DNR are you sure you are going to get optimal care.  There is evidence/research to suggest otherwise. The question is does anyone trust the hospital system.  Even doctors don't trust their colleagues so where does that leave us. 

And another thing I have been wanting to do was to confess to my ignorance of the hospital system.  I blamed Tanu the Nurse Ratchet of GPC when she told me the first time she spoke to me that I could not talk to anyone unless that person talked to me first.  The protocol on how to approach the monarchy. But her telling me does not excuse her from not showing me a written policy.  When Randy was at St. Paul's in December I noticed that there were notices posted stating that visitors are not allowed to talk to others.  I wonder how long this policy would exist if it was posted on a huge bill board outside the entrance of St. Paul's -- next to the bill board asking for public $donations. 

I am still at odds as to why Dr. Patricia Daly hasn't decreed that masks should be put at the entrance of the hospitals especially during flu season.  It isn't staff you have to worry about spreading the flu, it is visitors, vendors and the like who might not even know they have the flu.  Even if you a flu shot, it is only 60% effective. 

The problem with VCH is that no one is in charge but then that is what democracy is all about: chaos and stupidity.


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