Monday, February 11, 2013

Madam Justice Gropper

I do not know why Madam Justice Gropper refused to use her inherent jurisdiction in the Ng vs. Ng case and say that a committee cannot end life.  She must have had her law clerk opinion the judgement..  And to make it worse BC's Public Guardian and Trustee agreed. I side with Kenny's parents and his siblings who opposed the injunction. 

From reading the January 2013 Judgment it says to me that the medical establishment can trump a Committee (a family member/substitute decision maker) by saying it is a medically appropriate decision to put a human down....starve Kenny to death.  So it has come down to if a patient is minimally conscious and a doctor suggests (tells)/coerces a Committee that it is medically appropriate for her to end a life that she has no choice but to agree. To disagree would not be in the best interest of the patient and that is what it is all about... the best interest of that person.  The doctor trumps the committee if the committee disagrees and the Gropper decision legalizes itThe Committee will lose its committeship as to keep that person alive would not be in the best interest of that person. Enter the Public Guardian and Trustee. The gatekeepers for life and for death are in charge and are forever present..

The medical complications that Kenny has/had could be poor nursing. The care team who sealed Kenny's death:were a family doctor, a neuropsychiatrist (report dated December 2009), a social worker, nurses (what nurses, a Nurse Ratchet), a pharmacist, a recreational therapist and a speech therapist. Why wasn't the dietitian, the respiratory technician, the music therapist, a religious minister or the non-profit clown doctors included. The ethics committee supported the "team's" decision.  What a joke. I have been asking the VCH 's ethics committee to investigate who orchestrated Randy's DNT/DNR  It has been four weeks now with follow-up requests and nothing. In November 2012 Randy was forced to agree to a  Do Not Transfer from GPC so that he would  not be transferred to VGH in the event he had life threatening medical problems.  If Randy needed to be treated at VGH he could not go off the grounds of GPC i.e. to visit me which he does every day. So he chose certain death (the DNT) to be with me. A Do Not Transfer has worse consequences than a DNR. After three months. a few days before Christmas, I was told that the DNT/DNR was lifted but I wasn't given a copy of the last Level of Intervention document although I asked for it.

GPC,  however, should not dislodge Kenny's feed and liquids tubing according to a recent Ontario Supreme Court decision  (the Rasouli case) as it can be interpreted that such tubing is designed to keep a patient alive thus the tubing should not be removed.

According to the Canadian Constitution we have "security of person."  That means LIFE and not premeditated death (suicide) by a Committee with or without consent.. We do not have capital punishment in Canada but a committee can kill someone as long as it is in that person's questionable best interest sanctioned/directed by a doctor. How can death be in the best interest of a patient. The powers of a Committee (substitute decision maker) should fall short of authorizing certain death. And doctors should be technicians not arbitrators of "quality of life." Everyone will die in good time.  There is no reason to rush it.

How can food and water remotely be deemed as "artificial life support." Is feeding a baby with a bottle and formula artificial life support?  A baby cannot feed himself.

As it is now possible to secure stem cells from urine, then there is hope.

If anyone wants a copy of the Ng v Ng judgment, let me know.

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PS Mar 8 2013 On February 28 2013. Kenny was transferred from GPC ... and the current resident said that she was told a month ago that she would have his room. 


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ng v. Ng

A week Friday a BC Supreme Court Judgment went down so that Kenny Ng's wife can authorize Kenny being starved to death at George Pearson Centre.  It should take two weeks. After reading the Reasons for Judgment I became very upset.  Kenny is in a minimally conscious state which means he is not brain dead. Since according to Dr. Narmazi and Dr. Tham, Kenny won't get any better due to his injuries and medical complications so it is medically appropriate that he should die. How can killing Kenny be in his best interest.  Everyone at George Pearson Centre will never get better so will this start a slippery slope to extend to each of them in time.  Kenny will die soon enough on his own so what is the rush.  If you want a copy of the Reasons for Judgment let me know.

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