Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ng v. Ng

A week Friday a BC Supreme Court Judgment went down so that Kenny Ng's wife can authorize Kenny being starved to death at George Pearson Centre.  It should take two weeks. After reading the Reasons for Judgment I became very upset.  Kenny is in a minimally conscious state which means he is not brain dead. Since according to Dr. Narmazi and Dr. Tham, Kenny won't get any better due to his injuries and medical complications so it is medically appropriate that he should die. How can killing Kenny be in his best interest.  Everyone at George Pearson Centre will never get better so will this start a slippery slope to extend to each of them in time.  Kenny will die soon enough on his own so what is the rush.  If you want a copy of the Reasons for Judgment let me know.

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