Thursday, August 8, 2013

An account of why we should get rid of advanced directives

This report was published in the New York Times magazine.  It was about Margaret Pabst Battin an academic who has made a very comfortable living by propagandizing pro-choice until she was faced with it with her husband. The future is always unknown.

Maggie has been characterized by the pro-life movement as being a dangerous woman.

Because of Maggie's being acclaimed an expert witness, advance directives and DNRs should be made illegal. No one can foresee the future.Thank you Maggie for making your expert witnessing a lie.

Up to two years ago I did not know what an advanced directive was nor did I understand the DNR.  I though a DNR was only used in advanced causes of terminal illness.  When/why did all this change..  I was of the belief that an advance directive was a directive to your family as to funeral arrangements.  I did not know that it is a directive on how you want to die.  Forgive me for thinking otherwise.




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