Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Richard Singleton. Director of Risk Manager

Richard Singleton wrote me an email saying I was banned from George Pearson Centre because I attempted to take Randy Michael Walker off the grounds to go home with me. In the process I was assaulted by staff, screamed at, humiliated, and forcibly detained.  Randy is being forced to stay at George Pearson Centre although he has a history of not wanting to live there.  Since Randy can't walk or talk and there were seven out-of-control staff pounding on me I was forced to leave him there.  When the police arrived they were not too bright as they were unable to comprehend that Randy was there against his will.

I was hoping today that the police would clear it up but no.  They said there was a doctor's order on Randy which GPC did not tell me nor show me. There was nothing wrong with Randy to prevent him from going home for a few hours or from going to another hospital.  What planet did the doctor come from.  I am sure it only said to watch Randy more carefully for a week or two. It would not say that he couldn't leave GPC as that would be illegal. A doctor's order is not a jail sentence.  Randy can come and go when he pleases. 

Randy was terrified yesterday and also today when I couldn't see him and secure his release for a few hours. I was told that Randy is very depressed and he knows what is going on and he hates everyone at GPC for doing this to me. Randy is competent so he can leave a residential facility anytime he wants. 

Randy cannot talk and he has to use a wheelchair as he is a quad so it is easy to imprison him and convince him of things that are not true.  The reason Randy does not like it at GPC is that he feels it is not safe.  And it is not safe especially if I cannot have access to him. I will forego talking about his injuries sustained at GPC and the quality of life he does not have there until another time..

I am a petite seventy-four years old woman and it seems that I get regularly demeaned.by VCH and their contract employees.

Randy is 57 so he is not old.  He just had a bad accident. How can they scare him like they have done for over three years. A man who cannot talk or move. 

Years ago the subject of I taking Randy off the grounds of George Pearson Centre went to the VCH Ethics Board and it was determined that Randy had the right to do so.  So why now is this again a problem.  Prior to this week GPC never cared if Randy was well enough to go off site or not. 

During the years prior to the Ethics Board's decision Randy's freedoms were taken away from him as he did not go off site and he never saw the outside for close to two years.

David Ostrow is the CEO of Vancouver Coastal Health and Kip Woodward (604.875.4719)(email: kip.woodward@vch.ca) is its chairman.  Kip is the grandson of the Woodwards Department Store family who built Oakridge..

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