Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Not Allowed to Talk to Me, I am so Sorry

If Randy is as sick as GPC says then I should have access to his bedside. He is chronic and he can die any moment and I was told over a year ago that his life expectancy was two years. While crying I told Randy's social worker of this conversation with this doctor and his comment was the doctor shouldn't have told me this. Apparently, the policy of GPC is to never tell anyone the truth. How stupid am I not to make the connection as to why VCH were rationing his treatment and pushing and pushing for DNRs.  They had nothing to worry about me as after Randy is death I would be gone and who really is interested in an old woman and a non-productive patient who was draining the medical system. How could I be so stupid.

I just got off the phone 604-322-8370 I wanted to know how Randy was.  I tried to call Ward 2 yesterday evening and no one answered the phone.  The nurse I spoke to at 6:13 am told me that she was not allowed to talk to me and she said that she was so sorry.  Am I to understand this: a RN is not allowed to talk to me.  A RN that makes $100,000 hasn't the discretion to talk to me.

I spoke to a Paladin Security Guard and was told that they while in the employ of GPC are not allowed to TOUCH anyone as they would be fired; so why did they assault me on October 21 2013.  This isn't the first time.  One time which shocked me was in November 2012 when I returned Randy to GPC because he had a fever and before I even had a chance to say a word, they they attacked me and said that I was not allowed on Ward 2.  I remember pushing Randy's wheelchair to GPC that evening and Randy holding down his wheel begging me not to return him to GPC.  I told him not to worry as I would stay with him until I knew he was safe.  I was forced from him as I entered Ward 2 without a chance of saying that Randy was sick.  They took him away and  Randy ended up the next day at VGH acute.  At that time Marty, a nurse, and Bob, a security guard, sat on me to prevent me from moving.  When I asked to see the incident report a few days later there was no report.  I told Ro.  I never heard anything further about it.  It did happen as the police attended and there is a police report.

I asked to speak to Dr. Dunne and Dr. Haye yesterday about Randy's medical condition.  No show.  I then emailed them that one of them attend to speak to me this afternoon at 1:00 pm.  I suspect that they have been instructed by Napolean Ostrow, the CEO of VCH, not to talk to me as well.  How can I possibly be able to advise Randy as to what is best for him (as he relies on me) when his doctors won't talk to me.

I have had a friend of mine and Randy's visit Randy each morning especially last week when I was banned from entering GPC property on threat of police arrest for trespassing and my fear of being physically assaulted and he told me yesterday that staff is still contaminating Randy by recycling suction catheters and using not sterile gauze to wipe the catheter before inserting it again therefore possibly infecting him again. At VGH they do not have gauze for this very reason.

My friend also said that for the past few days he has been asked to leave as the staff does his toilette (his personal care) for an hour at a time which is ridiculous as the most it should take is 10 to 15 minutes to do it. Doing this restricts Randy's visiting. And forces my friend to end his visit.  Also they removed a chair from Randy's bedside so that my friend has to stand.  My friend has problems with his feet so he cannot stand for a long time.  They will just do everything to deprive Randy of his quality of life until he suffers a respiratory failure.

GPC isn't protecting its residents, visitors and staff from me.  They are only instilling fear in them not to say or do anything as look what happened to Randy and Audrey... And these are where your tax dollars are going: to nurses who bully, and the public trust in the medical system is being further eroded.

Since Randy is under a death sentence there is no reason for me to be quiet.

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