Thursday, November 28, 2013


Now according to VCH Randy is not being imprisoned at GPC and he had occasion to be returned to VGH, I am now told that Randy has to return to GPC although he does not want to.  How can the health authority force someone to live somewhere that is not safe.  He has had three years to adjust to GPC and he still does not want to be forced to live there.  It wold be different if his fears were groundless but they are real. So now VGH is going to bundle him on a gurney and move him.  Randy cannot talk or walk so he can't defend himself.  Randy is only 57 years old and is competent.

And it is interesting to note that Paul Caune's web page on the abuses of George Pearson Centre have been removed from the internet.  Civil Rights Now!  It wasn't only Paul's experience but others as well.  The only residents that I know at GPC who like living there are those who only use the place to sleep and eat and the rest of the time are mobile and out of there.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Karen and Julian Storm

Yesterday when I was at GPC to pick items for Randy, in the hallway I cam across Karen Storms who along with her husband are residents at GPC.

I called out to her as she was franic with tears what was wrong and I wanted to talk/comfort her.  I was prevented by staff because I was banned from talking to anyone in George Person Centre and if I did not leave security would be called.

I asked Stephanie to call Sandra the manager so that I could comfort Karen. Heard nothing.

Karen has no family as they had abandoned her because of her disability and her life was only her husband Julian who had just died within minutes of this conversation.

What kind of sick place is GPC and the inhumane policies that strangers (VCH) implement upon their residents.

I was suppose to have been given my new guidelines on Monday by Ro as to visitations and like always nothing was written so staff, police and security could just beat me up if they see fit..

Hospitals cannot use the narrow description of trespass as the purpose of hospitals are for the public and not to take away the legal rights patients have of free speech and association.  The purpose of a hospital is not to make the work of the staff easier...

For years I have talked to Julian and Karen off site as well as at VGH.  

To see Karen and Julian Storm go to You Tube : George Pearson Center Envisioning Home Part 3

GPC do not protect residents at George Pearson Centre, they imprison them.

Friday, November 1, 2013

The bastards at George Pearson Centre

Randy was admitted to Vancouver General Hospital late October 31 2013.  Tanu knew how sick Randy was on Thursday and she true to her word won't let me on the ward so I could see him.  What a demented person she is. Randy is very fragile and he could die at any time.

Finally, at the end of tonight at VGH, Randy became responsive to me.

I was so afraid that he might die or he was on his way to be a vegetable because of brain damage.  A vegetable created by the neglect and psychological  mistreatment of him at George Pearson Centre.

I just do not understand Vancouver Coastal Health.  They think they can do what they like without regard for human decency.  I do not know what their agenda is but will someone please tell me.

Finally, Richard Singleton advised me that Randy is not being detained against his will.  After two weeks Randy is now free and not only is he free I was told that he is also competent.  So why did they attack me on October 22 2013 and prevent Randy from exiting George Pearson Centre. What is the point of his freedom when he is with infection again and in acute care..  And I still want to knew where do these infections keep coming from.

Nothing is happening to anyone at George Pearson Centre except I am still unjustly banned. VCH is using the argument that it is private property and they do not need a reason to ban anyone from the property.  The only flaw in that argument is that the purpose of a hospital is for the patients and their families.  Patients and families triumph trespass.

I did only what Randy wanted and acted in self defence. Those $100,000 nurses that were traumatized and created the drama had a few days off with pay at the taxpayers expense. No apology just revenge by Tanu that no way I am going to be at Randy's bedside if he is sick at George Pearson Centre. Like she threatened me three years ago that she could arrange that I never see Randy again..

What has our medical system become or has it always been that way.

This should have been handled via due process in 2010 which is the policy of Vancouver Coastal Health when I asked for and even went to a board meeting and asked for help and was assured of an independent investigation of the conduct resulting in my banning which never happened..  Why should they do due process because if they did it would have to find in my favour.

Policies are made to satisfy the government but are rarely followed.


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