Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Excepts from Stealth Euthanasia.(1)

A paragraph from Ron Panzer's 2013 online book, Stealth Euthanasia:

You may be surprised but today, many people have adopted the "quality of life" ethic where it's "ok" to end someone's life because they are seriously disabled, very elderly, have dementia or any number of other reasons.
Many of us have become numb to the killings so that we accept an increasingly larger category of lies that may be ended in a medical setting.

And many times, we don't call them "killings. "  We say, "We let him go."  "It was time." and to "let go" is certainly appropriate when someone is truly at the end of life, but when someone is not imminently dying and they end up dead, it really is a "medical killing."

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A journey

I will be out of the City until the New Year 2015 so there will be no blog entries until then.

Just remember:

Medical DNRs have to be consented to by a patient otherwise they are illegal.  A DNR can hasten your death by days, weeks, months or years caused by errors, greed and apathy. (mistakes, coercion, abuse, quality of life lies, exhaustion). Did you know there are four levels of intervention at VCH; four different DNRs.

Although DNRs are commonly forced on patients I have yet to read of a doctor being charged with culpable attempted homicide.  In Randy's case he was able to live another five months.  The health professionals all  knew when a patient is going to die; it isn't a hidden science.  In fact I should never have been banned by the bullies of George Peasrson Centre.   I have yet to get a name of anyone who fabricated.  Like Hilter said the bigger the lie the more the people will believe.  I am rather disappointed in the legal system who took Dunne's medical assessment as correct.  He said Randy plateaued when in fact when no evidence was given..  In Any event on April 4 2014 Randy had septis and he was having multiple organ failure.  Dr. Dunne should have called me immediately so I would be with him.  He is a man with no compassion or feelings. But then he didn't have to as he hide behind a court order that could have been varied at any time. I want him tested for psychopathy..Then I will know it wasn't his fault as he won't have known what harm he was doing.  Dr. Robert Hare is at UBC and the test would take less than an hour.  Dr. Dunne should take it to prove his innocence.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas 2010

Randy was at George Pearson Centre.  During the Christmas Party Tanu, the head nurse, said Randy was not up to going.  This was not true.  She was establishing her power. The others nurses said nothing.

Much like when I was looking at the headlines to the Province on the community table, Tanu grabbed it and said to buy my own.  Where is it written that it was her job to guard the Province.  Her job is to nurse not to engage herself over nothing.. No matter what I did she would find fault in me.

Tanu told me the first time I saw her at GPC that she could arrange that I never see Randy again.  Where did she get that power or has she managed over the years to do that to other family members.  Why would she say that to me.

She allowed Willey to cook gourmet spicy meals for himself in the community kitchen so patients like Randy had to suffer the smell as he could not eat. It was torture.  Did she care. She was told over and over to cease this and she still allowed it to happen. What cruelty.  This woman who told me that I wasn't allowed to speak to anyone unless they spoke to me first and then she would go around telling everyone not to talk to me. She did her best to isolate me and Randy from everyone. I wasn't even allowed to use the toilet unless a security guard accompanied me.  Humiliation after humiliation.The woman also made sure that the curtains circulating Randy would also be closed;. Management knew of these things and yet they did nothing. Dr. Dunne was of the opinion that others patients needed their privacy even if such privacy would cause harm; Randy could die.

Randy  was put in a pod where curtains were pulled all around him so the nurses or anyone else could hardly see him should he be in trouble as he could not call out for help or use a call bell.  Where in hell did that woman come from.  When she is on holidays everything goes well.  When she is there a heavy atmosphere of dread is there.  I still want to know how her friend Willey was allowed to live at GPC for eight years although he had a his own house to live in.  I assume he never trusted GPC and he lived there until his wife died. And all the staff on the ward was afraid of him; they all wanted to be his friend so he won't create fault to attack them.

Whilley was a bully.  He enjoyed upsetting people like when he told me he had a petition signed by all the nurses that they did not want me on the ward. He also told me other things that were insulting and untrue and I told this to GPCand they did nothing.

I would write notes to the social worker, Sam Greenspoon, about the bullying and what did he do to the notes which should have been kept, he told me he threw them out.  So much for expecting help from a social worker in the employ of Vancouver Coastal Health. A social worker who said he worked for Randy and me. Destroy all evidence of bullying; what other evidence has he destroyed.

Even on the 18th of November, 2013, the day Randy should have died and Tanu knew and everyone else including Dr. Dunne and Ro Ang, Randy would die that night.  Tanu told me that I wasn't allowed to stay with Randy at his bedside past 8:00 pm.

At 11:30 pm I got a phone call saying that Randy was dying.  I raced to GPC saw Randy gasping for air.  I was able to call 911 as Randy was wanting to live. Randy was chronic but he could have lived for years.  Randy did not consent to a DNR or a DNT.  He was in a death room with no one there.  GPC was so wanting Randy to die that  night that they forgot to mention to the late night nurse NOT to phone me until after Randy died. Randy did not die that night: faulty miscommunication..

Next step was for VCH to get me banned forever on hearsay evidence.

Randy was 57. I am 70. Randy liked older women.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Collateral Damage

Remind those who are for euthanasia/assisted suicide/medically assisted death that such deaths might be due to mistakes, coercion or abuse.  Who speaks for the dead after death.  Say NO, NO, NO.

If this is taken out of the Canadian Criminal Code then it is open season to killWhat punishments will there be for mistakes, coercion or abuse.  Do you trust your doctor, do you trust your family. Everyone of us is vulnerable.  With our racing medical advances and legalities, no doctor can keep up: even they are vulnerable should he or his family become ill.

Can anyone live with the thought that you put someone down; at the moment it may seem the right thing to do, but years later it will still be there to haunt you over and over...

Anyone who is a position to make these death decisions should be tested by Dr. Robert Hare to determine if the anyone is psychopathic or not. It is the psychopaths among us who are pushing death as it gives them a commonality to belong to, a group who share no remorse. And these human robots are on their way to controlling us.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Tell your Senator and MP to Vote No to euthanasia/assisted suicide

from Quebec Blog "Living with Dignity"

Bill S-225 isn’t good

Bill S-225 was recently introduced in the Senate of Canada. This bill aims to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide. It would do this by amending sections 14 and 251 of the Criminal Code of Canada. We oppose the legalization of euthanasia and physician assisted suicide because they are not needed. Efforts should go towards improving proper access to pain and symptom management to everyone who needs it. Efforts should also go towards improving suicide prevention and appropriate access to services for people with disabilities.

It is important we all speak to our Senators to ask them to vote NO and reject Bill S-225.
Senate Bill S-225 is based on MP Stephen Fletcher's own bills in the House of Commons (C-581 and C-582).  Bill S-225 will be debated in the Senate early in 2015.  The language on the bill is open to interpretation and opens the door for abuse. Safeguards don't protect people from abuse of euthanasia or physician assisted laws, but this bill is particularly bad news.
It would be easy, although erroneous, to think the so-called safeguards in the bill are solid. A closer look and analysis show significant problems.

Some of significant problems with Bill S-225

Adults only

Section 3(a) requires people to be 18 years old or more. However, there have already been calls to remove the age limit because it would be discrimination to deny access to euthanasia to younger people.

Illness, disease or disability

Section 3(c) requires people to have been diagnosed by a physician as having an illness, a disease or a disability, including disabilities caused by traumatic injuries. This opens up the door to a wide interpretation of the eligibility criteria. People with non-terminal and non-degenerative condition could be deemed eligible.

Physical or psychological suffering

Section 3(c)(i) requires that the person be enduring physical or psychological suffering that they deem intolerable, and that cannot be alleviated by any treatment acceptable by the person.
This is a highly subjective criterion that cannot be properly evaluated. It would be impossible to use this criterion to deny a request. The statistics out of Oregon show that a very small percentage of people requesting physician assisted suicide do so because of physical suffering. In Belgium, a healthy 70 year old woman was euthanized after she became depressed due to the end of a long-term relationship. In the Netherlands, a 63 year old man was also euthanized because he was depressed and lonely after he retired.

Weakened capacities with no chance of improvement

Section 3(c)(ii) requires that the person is in a state of weakened capacities with no chance of improvement. What does that mean, exactly? Many people with disabilities or elderly individuals meet this criterion.

Sound mind

Section 3(d) requires the person to be of sound mind and fully able to understand the information provided. It is well known that depression is a significant risk factor in requests for euthanasia. In fact someone dealing with depression is 4 times more likely to request euthanasia. The number of euthanasia request granted for psychiatric patients in the Netherlands is growing exponentially.

Free choice

Section 3(e) requires the person to be acting voluntarily, free from coercion or undue influence. This is another criterion that is impossible to judge. Elder abuse is a growing problem and generally under-reported. In the Flanders region of Belgium, a third of euthanasias were done without explicit request.

Reporting requirements

Section 13 requires physicians to report the death of people they provided assistance to die to the Minister of Health within 30 days. As the person is already dead, it is not a safeguard. At best it will serve to gather data. However, no physician would self-report wrong-doing. Such reporting requirements do not guarantee that euthanasias or assisted deaths will be reported. 23% of euthanasias in the Netherlands were not reported. Nearly half of euthanasias in Flanders (Belgium) were not reported.

Vote No

Canada will not be different and these requirements are not going to protect people very well, nor very long. Regardless of your position on euthanasia and assisted suicide, you should oppose Bill S-225 as it is poorly written and provides no real safeguards.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

B C College of Physicians and Surgeons.1

26 November 2014

BC College of Physicians and Surgeons
300-669 Howe Street,
Vancouver, B. C,.

Attention: Sharon Thomson


Subject:  Dr. James Vincent Dunne
               Randy Michael Walker

I received your 175 page bundle today and you have missed the point.  I want to know what Dunne’s response was to why he put an illegal DNR and DNT Order on Randy on November 15, 2013, and other times and didn’t take it off when requested to do so. 

Inferring that I am a bitch rather than doing my fiduciary duty to Randy is insulting.  VCH and in particular Dr. Dunne knew I was Randy’s representative from 2010 and yet he lied to you.  The Old Boy’s network isn’t going to work this time. Three representation agreements were in his file.

Where are the emails that I sent to Dr. Dunne.  I want my memory to be refreshed.  I want the information you sent resent with all that is blanked out inserted.  This is a quasi-judicial proceedings and you can’t withhold that information from me.

Yours very truly,

Audrey Jane Laferriere

5976 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 3A9

FAX  604-733-3503
FAX  250-953-3195

PS notes to blog readers:

Remember to contact both you MLA and MP and ask him/her to insist on a full investigation of why the medical system is broken.  What happened to us should never have happened.  If a patient dies because of an unconsented DNR,  it is murder.  And they imprisoned Randy in hospital for no lawful reason. He was capable of making his own decisions so how did VCH decide otherwise and not even tell me that he had no capacity. 

There is a YouTube video on how the health authorities deal with the public: delay, deny, divide(patient from family), discredit and demoralize. 

One wrongful death caused by assisted suicide or euthanasia is one death too many.  How do you know if that person really really really wants to be dead.  How can anyone know that with certainty.How would I know that of myself.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Daniela imprisoned by four nurses as her grandmother dies ...

My name is Daniela. I am 46 years old and live in Oregon. I believe my grandmother was killed in a hospital on June 24, 2014. She was in the emergency room for three hours; not the three days the hospital said she was..  The nurse told me that it was time to say goodbye and she died almost immediately upon receiving the morphone. I have the medical records, but there is no notation of any morphine she was given.

Elisabeta KoczurThe photograph to the left is of Elisabeth Koczur.

The last wish my grandma had was for a drink of water. I don't think I will ever forget how she looked at me expecting help. Four nurses in the room imprisoned me and I could not move. I was forced to keep looking in her eyes as she pleaded for water. Why was I not allowed to grant her last wish?

Our family is in shock and is having emotional problems because of what we witnessed. My grandma went to the hospital with abdominal pain and shortness of breath. There, according to the medical records, she was diagnosed to have congestive heart failure, but, when she went into cardiac arrest, they did not attempt to resuscitate her. If she had received proper treatment, she might be here with us today. 


My Randy was only 57 when he died and we live in Canada.  I think back to Monday November 18 2013 when he was scheduled to die because of an illegal DNR because he was chronic.  I found him gasping for air and I was able to treat/save him; the nurses at George Pearson Centre did not attempt to stop me. Compared to Daniela what a narrow escape I had. In January of 2014 I was banned from seeing Randy and on April 13, 2014, he died.  He was in intensive care at VGH and I was told he had multiple organ failure.  I do not understand this as the coroner later changed the autopsy to accidental: the accident of 2010.

note  ...when a person is dying a natural death you give him water, a wet facecloth on his lips, or a piece of ice or ice chips to suck on.  Giving morphine (a pain killer) will cause slow breathing and if given too high a dose can cause death.            


Friday, November 14, 2014

Missey is dead.

On Saturday November 8 2014 early morning Randy's dog, Missey, died.  I found her under the vanity.  My living space is void without her presence. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Being handicapped with a doggie, pouring rain, and a taxi

Yesterday was a long day.  As I exited a Blacktop cab at 8:00 in the morning my shoes got soaking wet from the pouring rain.  All day I had no shoes or socks.  I was barefoot and cold. When I have to wait I usually read but I forgot my glasses at home so the day went very slowly.  The good thing was that I had an extra pair of Depends.

I had to wait until 4:00 at which time I phoned for a Blacktop cab with a lift to pick me and Missey from Boundary and Lougheed so that we can get home.  It was pouring rain again.  The dispatcher ;said a cab would be there shortly.  I waited twenty minutes and I knew it would not be coming shortly as the cab would have called my cell saying it was in the neighbourhood.  The lady at the professional building said she would talk to Blacktop as my fear that no cab would arrive was unfounded. 

So from thereon she tried every twenty to thirty minutes to call Blacktop as to the ETA and was told that I was on the high priority list.  It turned out that I was on the high priority list to be avoided.  Finally at 5:00 o'clock the woman was told that Blacktop only had two vans and both were in downtown Vancouver. Not true. Blacktop has at least 27 vans.  Finally at 6:30 my cell phone rings and it was a Blacktop cabbie responding to my 4:00 o'clock call. He had just dropped off a fare on Hastings and Boundary and saw my call on his display.  The dispatcher was lying as no cab was ever on its way.
This whole thing flashed back to 2011 when I tried to get a cab for myself and the doggies at the Delta Hotel downtown Vancouver.  It was pouring rain.  Two cabs refused to take us as two passengers were doggies.  Finally, what seemed like hours a cab came who was willing to take us to 41st and Cambie. Again the weather was pouring rain and I soaking wet. 

On top of the $30.00 fare I had to pay $15.00 for Missey.  A handicapped person in a wheelchair that required a van would have not be charged $15.00 and he would have been more work than a doggie who just laid on the floor of the van. I got very bad service from Blacktop which was witnessed because I was handicapped with a doggie. 

I still haven't unpacked Randy's belongings from George Pearson Centre  as I know there will be a flood of emotion when I touch each item of clothing.  Even getting Randy's stuff from GPC proved to be difficult but that is another segment.It will be seven months since Randy died on April 13 2014 so I will unpack his stuff on November 13, 2014. 

I am still thinking on how to deconstruct the Calder Report: there is so much information to deconstruct.  I still cannot believe VCH doing this.  I cannot understand why the media isn't investigating the report.  Just leaving me by myself with the sharks isn't right.

PS  At around 6:00 pm the receptionist decided to call Yellow cabs who said that a cab would be there in ten minutes.  In a panic I said to her not to do that as no cab would come because the cabs companies are hooked up to a common computer and then no one would come if a caller called multiple cabs and I would be blacklisted.  She didn't believe me.  The ten minutes came and went and no yellow cab.  Searching Black Top cabs on the internet there was a rant about Black Top and Yellow Cab doing this.  Cabs should be designated emergency vehicles if the customer says so or the points of pickup or departure are at a hospital which in this case it was: an animal hospital.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Most Dangerous Person in the State

To Hyfeland, it was not up to the doctor to decide whether the patient was "happy or unhappy, worthwhile or not." Should the doctor make these decisions, "the consequences would be unforeseeable and the doctor could well become the most dangerous person in the state."

Rationing of care based on quality of life as decided by the doctors is happening now in our hospitals. They rationed Randy's care to hasten his death. .They won't even let me see him until I got a supreme court order so I could watch him die.

According to the internet Euthanasia is illegal in China and Russia (abortions are legal).

Where is Mary Turner.  Is she alive, is she dead, is she in Alberta.  I am thinking of going  to  the police and report her missing.  They would have to locate her and determine if I the person who saved her life would like to see me.  I think so.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Maggie Karner Connecticut Fund

This post is to counter Britanny Magnard's Fund found on the internet and You Tube.  It is a statement of a young woman, Maggie Karner, from Connecticut, who wants to fight for every moment of her life.  She should get equal billing.

  So the 10 million of you who have seen Britanny's web site/You Tube video should also see Maggie Karner's.  Even the letter Maggie drafted out you can partially see it, in her words. The family being together at the end of life which is what every person who dies wants.  Maggie's father wants his family to be cohesive and loving and the extra time allotted to forgive and get to know each other again..The pain of the body is nothing. 

We live in a ghastly world why can't we be allowed a Norman Rockwell death. 

By allowing the elderly and the chronic to live it creates work (taxes) paid by employees and for medical supplies so what is the rush to hasten their deaths.This is a viable industry. Soon we will not have a medical industry like the manufacturing industry which is destroying North America. I do not think we can outsource near dead bodies.

More money is paid on lotteries than is paid for the care of the elderly and those in chronic care. What cost is three more months of life.

To see Maggie Karner's video connect with Euthanasia Prevention Coalition International News and Information.and listen to Maggie's letter to Brittany October 30 2014.  It would be something if these women would join forces for life., 1-877-439-3348 Alexander Schadenberg

Family Institute of Connecticut, 77 Buckington Street, Hartford, Ct./ 1-800-548-006

Margaret  Dore, Choice is an Illusion: 10001 4th Avenue #44 Seatle Washington 98154 1-206,223,1922

Ron Panzer, Hospice Patients Alliance, 4680 Shank Street, NE, Rockford, MI 49341, 616-866-9127

Compassion and Choices and its affiliates have spend millions of dollars on convincing Americans that they have a right to die even convincing state governments to allow death for those who are not productive (DNRs)..They have made a multimillion dollar industry for themselves (a make work project killing people)  .Biomedics is unethical.  It is another word for cost accounting. Sick people are not $commodities. Scarcity of medical resources can/has been created to allow rationing of care which in turn forces sleath euthanasia.

 Maggie Karner now has a YouTube video: A letter to Brittany Maynard.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

25 October 2014

I attended an all candidates meeting this afternoon.  I discovered the CEDAR civic party and I would ask that you vote for them.  During the years I contacted all the other political parties to help me with my banning from Vancouver Coastal Health.  I never heard anything from them.  I suggested to CEDAR that the city could use moral suasion to ensure that no one gets banned from a facility in Vancouver unless there is a court order.  One of the candidates said he was a lawyer and that he had a client that was banned and he understood the problem.  I told him that banninig isn't just for one or two individuals; it was a serious problem which is not documented.  The only way not to be banned is to show up only at Christmas for ten minutes and also make sure your first language is not English. 

I read the platform for the CEDAR civic party and I would vote for it and so should you. There is no other alternative except to vote for the candidates that are independent.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Some light news....

CNN Opinion dated October 14 2014 The danger of assisted suicide laws by Marilyn Golden

"At less than $300, assisted suicide is, to put it bluntly, the cheapest treatment for a terminal illness."


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Will Euthanasia become normalized or are we already there.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Margaret Somerville: Should Canada permit assisted suicide.

This article was published by the Globe and Mail on October 15, 2015 as one of two articles comprising a debate between Margaret Somerville and Arthur Schafer.
Assisted suicide leads to normalization of euthanasia, harms the vulnerable and degrades our respect for the value of human life.
Margaret Somerville
By Margaret Somerville:

Euthanasia and assisted suicide go beyond personal ethics to involve social ethics. Advocates frequently resort to a personal story, often that of a suffering relative, to explain their stance. They avoid asking the question, “What does it say about a society that deals with the big problems of human existence by legalizing the ‘quick fix’ of inflicting death?” Such a society is abandoning the great philosophic traditions of Western civilization. Everything now depends only on majority opinion and technological capacity.

Moreover, euthanasia differentially implicates the most vulnerable members of a society. We can’t judge the ethical tone of a society by how it treats its strongest, most privileged, most powerful members, but by how it treats its weakest, most vulnerable and most in need.

The strongest case for legalizing euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide is at the level of the individual person, such as Sue Rodriguez or Dr. Donald Low, whose heartbreaking pleas for euthanasia rightly move us.

But we must also consider where such legalization would lead and what its impact would be on other people, the institutions of law and medicine, and the foundational values of society. And we must take into account, not just its impact in the present, but also in the future. Ask yourself: “How do you not want your great-great grandchildren to die?” As current reports from the Netherlands and Belgium, where euthanasia and assisted suicide are legal, show, euthanasia will be normalized and we will see an exponential increase in its use in ever broadening circumstances. That is, slippery slopes are unavoidable.

Initially, claims are made that euthanasia will be used only in rare cases on competent, consenting, dying adults who are in unrelievable pain and suffering. But these requirements don’t last. In the Netherlands, at least 4 percent of all deaths are by euthanasia and in Belgium on average there are five cases a day. It’s not rare. Children with disabilities can be euthanized (with their consent) as can those who are mentally, but not physically, ill or who wish to avoid future suffering. Belgium is currently debating euthanasia for people with Alzheimer’s Disease. Euthanasia is now so normalized only extreme cases make the media, such as two very recent ones, a prisoner who received euthanasia for unbearable suffering caused by imprisonment and an old lady who chose euthanasia instead of a nursing home, which she dreaded.

People are afraid to accept palliative care or necessary pain management because they fear euthanasia. We must be able to reassure them that we will kill their pain, but never intentionally kill them and we can’t do that if euthanasia or assisted suicide are legalized.

Seeing death as an appropriate response to suffering raises serious problems with respect to suicide prevention in general. It establishes suicide as an appropriate response to suffering. And society’s agreement to help elderly and vulnerable persons to kill themselves or to allow physicians to kill them sends a powerful message that their lives are not worth living. State-sanctioned suicide and euthanasia ask not that we attempt to preserve life -- the normal role of medicine and the state -- but that we accept and act communally upon a person’s judgment that his or her life is unworthy of continuance and become complicit in ending it.

And legalized euthanasia is abused. Just as we don’t report driving through a red light, doctors and nurses acting outside the law don’t report those cases. Abuse of old people with euthanasia is especially likely and should be seen as a major public-health threat. The combination of an ageing population, scarce healthcare resources and euthanasia is a lethal cocktail.

Confusion is used to promote public acceptance of euthanasia: Concealing language such as the euphemism “medical aid in dying.” An Ipsos marketing survey showed 60 per cent of 1000 Quebecers did not understand that this phrase meant a lethal injection and 40 per cent of just over 2000 Canadians did not comprehend that euthanasia meant that. Similarly, the “no difference” argument that assisted suicide is only an incremental extension of rights to refuse treatment that result in death promotes euthanasia through confusion. There is a radical difference between allowing a natural death to occur and killing a person.

This debate involves a clash of the values of respect for life and respect for individual autonomy. Anti-euthanasia advocates give priority to respect for life, pro-euthanasia to respect for individual autonomy.

But all societies in which reasonable people would want to live need to uphold respect for both each individual human life and for human life in general. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms affirms this for Canada. And legalizing euthanasia would harm the ability of medicine and law to carry the value of respect for life, as they must do for a secular society.

Just as we now realize our actions could destroy our physical ecosystem and we must hold it in trust for future generations, we must also hold our metaphysical ecosystem — the collection of values, principles, beliefs, attitudes, shared stories, and so on that bind us together as a society —likewise, in trust for them. That requires that we reject euthanasia, but always react to pain and suffering with deep compassion and assistance to relieve it -- that we kill the pain and suffering, not the person with the pain and suffering. That requires that everyone who needs it receives good palliative care. At present at least 70 percent of such Canadians have no access, which is appalling and a serious breach of ethics.

Might, however, the strongest argument against euthanasia relate not to death, but to life? That argument is that normalizing euthanasia would destroy a sense of the unfathomable mystery of life and seriously damage our universal “human spirit,” especially our capacity to find meaning in life, that which makes life worth living.

To legalize assisted suicide and euthanasia is not an incremental change. It’s a seismic and radical change in one of the most important values on which our society and civilization is founded, respect for human life and its protection. We must employ our ethical imaginations to appreciate that and act accordingly.

Margaret Somerville is the founding Director of the Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law at McGill University and professor in faculties of Law and Medicine

Friday, October 17, 2014

Ebola, Ebola, Ebola, the tragedy of Ebola

The tragedy of Ebola in Texas is to my believe which I verily believe to be true is that the health care professionals and customs officials are so lazy that they do not read the newspaper or listen to the news. 

I was always amazed when I asked a question of a health care professional at George Pearson Centre and/orVancouver General Hospital how unknowing and arrogrant they were.  "I don't read the newspapers, I do not care what is going on, and what did Tanu say ... she doesn't have to worry as she is public servant and nothing will ever happen to her."

Each day all health care professionals and entry customs people in every country should be forced to do a touchscreen multiple choice test before they are even allowed on hospital or airport property.

Monday, October 13, 2014

A good death is not guaranteed.

Assisted Suicide Cannot Promise Brittany Maynard a Good Death

Did you know that many assisted suicides experience complications? Assisted suicide is wrongly marketed to the public as a flawless, peaceful escape from suffering. It can be a painful and scary death. It can include gasping, muscle spasms, nausea, vomiting, panic, confusion, failure to produce unconsciousness, waking from unconsciousness and a failure to cause death

When I found Randy on November 18 2013 Randy was alone, scared and he did not want to die.  And yet there was an illegal DNR Order on him.  For some reason I was in control of myself and I called 911 and in the chaos that followed Randy was sent to VGH and he lived.  Otherwise GPC would have left him to die alone (without any palliative care) because of the DNR and the DNT Orders on him.  Those few minutes will live with me forever.  If that wasn't bad enough the whole scenario was repeated on December 26, 2013. This time there was an order to do not move Randy off GPC site and there were no instructions to phone the doctor on call.  If I wasn't there for those few minutes, I would have gotten a call in the middle of the night that Randy had died.

Like Ron Panzer said if you are targeted they (the medical community) will kill you one way or the other if you are chronic and non-productive if they ascribe to Stealth Euthanasia: Health Care Tyranny in America.:

 ..Just to remind, Randy was only 57. He had an accident resulting in a spinal cord injury and a trach.  He wasn't in pain enough to warrant euthanasia. I do not even know if he was in much  pain as they only gave him tylenol to lower his fevers. He only wanted to come home but the medical authority just threatened me that I would never see Randy again. They imprisoned him. On April 13 2014 Randy died from organ failures.  His immune system, his fragile body, couldn't fight off any more infections.

They knew he was dying and they won't let me be with him.  What monsters.  I did nothing to warrant such cruelty. How could they do that to my Randy.  His life had no meaning to them; there was no compassion; there was nothing.Who were they protecting.  None of these cry babies were taught to work under any stress or front time problems if there were any except those caused  by them..

As for the allegations against me a first year law student could deconstruct them to make VCH look vindictive, malicious and evil. The health facilities in BC are governed by bullies.


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Randy's 6 month anniversary of his death.

I am doing okay so far.  It is 13 minutes into the 13th of October, 2014.

Yesterday was a really bad day as I saw Randy everywhere. I so wanted him back. I was paralyzed with grief.

A woman at the Senior Centre said it took her four years to get over her husband's death and she didn't even like him.  So it might seem that I still have 3.5 years to go.

I still do not understand how Vancouver Coastal Health allowed us to be so victimized. A system of policies which they do not follow unless it suits them.  Even the direction of the chair, Kip Woodward was disrespected.  I suspect Kip was convinced by the government that if he quit the Board it would tarnish the reputation of the government and its health system and Randy and I were expendable. They gambled that no one would take any notice of us.  

The individual means nothing; only what is good for the government.  The majority that is made up of tax paying citizens who believe that they will be treated fairly.  .

Randy so wanted to live.  He would try his very best to get better.  I remember in 2012 after St. Paul's gave him a passey muir speaking valve so he could speak and they surprised me when I attended at Christmas and I heard Randy say  he loved me.  It was a whisper but it was an audible whisper.

GPC should have been exercising his vocal cords but they didn't.  I suspect the cuts were part of Ostrow's mean management policy. Yes, it was called mean management.

But when Randy was returned to George Pearson Centre against his will and mine, I fought to have him remain at St. Pauls.  St. Pausl said I had no proof that GPC wasn't safe.

 GPC took away his talking valve not because Randy could not handle it but because VGH screwed up (staff can't read instructions) and three patients died while using them. Of course that wasn't the reason GPC used on Randy, it was that Randy's secretions were too heavy.  Not true.

Randy always said I was stupid so can someone tell me why Moira Stilwell, MLA for Langara, would tell me when I spoke to her in January 2014 not to picket GPC.  She asked me what I was going to do about the banning and I said I wanted to picket.  She said do not do that.  I do not know why she would tell me not to do a legal protest but then at that time I was so demoralized I could hardly find my shoes in the mornings.  Even now I still feel like picketing GPC with a sign that GPC banned me.  The use of the property is for patients and their families, so VCH telling me that they have the right to ban me if they want as it is private property doesn't sound right. I did not have $200,000 to fight the system nor did I have a powerful support network. The media and the support advocacy groups support did not come to by aid. 

Randy was so angry with the RTs that he would not allow them to suction him or change his trach.  Randy was so stubborn.  He allowed the floor nurses to do it.  Randy said he won't allow the RTs to touch him until he got his passey muir valve back again. The RTs were very upset over Randy's refusal to have them touch him.  How deceitfully cruel VGH was.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Death Panels: When Bureaucrats in Canada Decide Whether You Live or Die

by Wesley J. Smith | | 10/3/14 3:09 PM

Medical futility disputes often involve the question of harming the patient. Family/patient believe they should decide what constitutes “harm” in these cases, and that for the patient/family, the greatest harm would be death.  Hence, they insist that efficacious treatment to extend life continue–as the way to avoid harm. That is, after all, a fundamental purpose of medicine when staying alive is wanted.

Bioethicists and some doctors believe that they get to decide what constitutes “harm.” Thus, if a patient is unlikely to recover or ever lead a “meaningful” life, they insist on being able to stop wanted treatment.

Religion is also a large factor in many of these situations. The secularist view sees suffering as the worst harm. Many religions, particularly more traditional approaches to Catholicism, Islam, and Judaism, differ. Thus, forcing treatment to cease is often viewed as disrespecting freedom of religion.

At the same time, many futilitiarians believe in judging “harm” on a macro level. They look beyond the patient to perceived emotional harm to the family–and the morale of the reluctant medical team–as well as financial harm to society by “investing” resources on the patient supposedly more wisely spent elsewhere.

So who gets to decide the meaning of “harm” in a particular situation–the patient/family or the technocrats?
Canada has established a bureaucratic board to make these decisions when doctors/bioethicists and patients/families disagree. From the Toronto Star story:
In Ontario, intractable, life-and-death disputes between physicians and patients’ families sometimes end up before a unique provincial body charged with wading into complex issues of medicine, ethics and faith. The little-known Consent and Capacity Board (CCB) — the only one of its kind in North America, perhaps anywhere — is a working laboratory for the most pressing issue facing Canada’s healthcare system: the end of life.
When a physician’s treatment proposal is challenged by a family member whose loved one can no longer communicate their wishes, doctors can make an application to the CCB. The Board then convenes a hearing within seven days, often in hospital board rooms, headed by a lawyer, a public member and a medical professional, typically a psychiatrist.
The panel’s job is a mix of legal arguments and character analysis. It must ultimately determine an incapacitated patient’s “prior wishes” or “best interests.” The panel must then issue a binding order within 24 hours of the hearing’s conclusion — a remarkably fast and economical process relative to the courts.
It seems to me that these futility cases are so relatively few and far between that coercion should rarely–if ever–be used.

These are subjective decisions. Establishing bureaucratic boards would sow mistrust for the system
 and validate the concept of “death panels.”

And talk about the potential for abuse of power. Why should strangers to the patient be given so much authority,in effect, empowered to impose their values over those of the family?
No. Education and continual mediation should be the watchword. Doctors should be brutally frank about the consequences of continuing care. But barring very rare circumstances, the patient/family should have the final word. Note: Wesley J. Smith, J.D., is a special consultant to the Center for Bioethics and Culture and a bioethics attorney who blogs at Human Exeptionalism

I just read another report saying that the Consent and Capacity Board is flawed ... so there is no safeguards.  I will link it when I find it.

Your comments to Moira Stilwell, MLA, Vancouver-Langara

Saturday, October 4, 2014

When Does Suffering Begin

Quebec euthanasia law a bad precedent

Farzana Hassan
By , Toronto Sun
First posted: | Updated:

The inescapable problem with any human being’s decision to end his or her own life is that the action is irreversible.
Of all the arguments against euthanasia, this for me is the most compelling.
Granted, many people endure situations that appear to be hopeless, where death will be the inevitable end for someone who is already suffering pain and anguish.
But on rare occasions such situations are resolved without the finality of euthanasia.
Diagnoses have been reversed. Patients thought to be terminally ill or near death have regained their health.
Sun News Network reported this week on the recovery of an eight-year-old British girl named Claudia Burkill, who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer three years ago.
It is therefore baffling the Quebec National Assembly has voted overwhelmingly in favour of euthanasia.
Of course, Quebec MPs nominally voted to legalize “Medical Aid in Dying”, as the vague and disingenuous language of Bill 52 terms it.
Everyone knows euthanasia has now been legalized in Quebec.
The federal government has called it such and there is no way to disguise the decision with euphemisms.
Euthanasia legislation in countries like Belgium, whose model Quebec seeks to emulate, has taken their citizens down a dark path.
Two deaf Belgian twins were euthanized after they learned they would also go blind.
A 44-year-old man, who underwent a sex change operation, chose death because of “unbearable psychological suffering” after the surgery went awry.
It’s feasible that psychiatric counseling and medication could have helped this individual emerge from such a depressed state.
The original purpose of euthanasia was to relieve dying patients of unbearable physical pain.
It has now been expanded to include people opting to die because they cannot cope with psychological problems.
To consider death as the answer to all of life’s burdens is not a healthy trend for any society.
A death cult seems to be emerging in countries where euthanasia has been legalized.
Advances in medicine and psychiatry offer the prospects of relieving many types of physical and mental hardships people face in future.
An irreversible decision to die deprives individuals of the opportunity to face their psychological problems and, with help, overcome them.
How can a euthanasia law ensure patients won’t be pressured into it by others, even if they are well-intentioned, for which there is no guarantee?
Perhaps it may become the appropriate and loving thing to do for an ill and elderly parent whose children stand to gain an inheritance, to make a tidy exit with no fuss.
In this way, choosing death can become the norm — even expected.
The Quebec law allows doctors to end the life of patients with “incurable disease, incurable illness which is causing unbearable suffering.”
This is too broad a statement, and contains great scope for abuse.
Chronic back pain could be considered an incurable disease.
The sufferer may mention the possibility of euthanasia at some low point and eventually be pressured into going through with what started as a mere wish the pain would subside.
Laws have been put in place to protect such abuses in medical practice.
Let’s hope the federal government will challenge Quebec’s euthanasia law as unconstitutional.
It runs counter to the medical philosophy of doing no harm.
Its intention of curtailing pain is noble.
However, at the very least, it deprives people of hope, and runs the risk of normalizing voluntary death.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

What a brain dead person could be worth to the economy.

Shocking Report Will Reveal How Doctors Hasten Death to Harvest Patients’ Organs

by Bobby Schindler, Brad Mattes | Washington, DC | | 9/26/14 6:51 PM

A silent and deadly epidemic is moving across America. No one is broadcasting it. No one is writing about it. Almost no one is even talking about it. But every day in hospitals, nursing homes and hospices across the country, more and more of our medically vulnerable loved ones are being euthanized.

Indeed, some physicians have admitted to this behavior. A 1998 article from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reported that hastening death is occurring and is not rare. In a survey of 355 oncologists, “(15.8%) reported participating in euthanasia or physician assisted suicide,” and “38 of 53 (72%) oncologists described clearly defined cases of euthanasia or physician assisted suicide.1

These decisions are being made by paid medical professionals. And loved ones, to their horror, are finding they’re not even part of the discussion. The patients’ crimes? They’re charged with having insufficient quality of life, being too expensive to keep alive, and being beyond the reach of medical science and therefore beyond hope.

Such judgments may lie behind what seems to be an increase in the “brain death” diagnosis. The difficulty of making a pinpoint diagnosis in such complex neurological matters—and the lucrative financial incentives to harvest organs—will ultimately propel this issue into the forefront of public consciousness and discourse.

Not surprisingly, the current procurement market for human tissues and organs in the United States is booming, driven by insufficient supply and heavy demand. According to The Milliman Report (see page 4), if all tissues and 11 organs could be harvested from a single patient declared brain-dead, however unlikely, the going rate for procurement would exceed half a million dollars. If all costs related to those 11 transplants are counted—preparation, physicians’ services, post-op care and the like—the money involved exceeds $5.5 million.2

For more information about this troubling issue, visit and

Sincerely for the vulnerable among us,

Bradley Mattes Bobby Schindler
Executive Director Executive Director
Life Issues Institute Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Calder's Report

I keep thinking about Calder's Report and how inaccurate and misleading it is and the damage it caused me and Randy.  This is about health care not a covert CIA operation in which the government relies on  erroneous reports as truth.. How can the health authority be the author of this injustice.  And it is sitting in the courthouse for anyone to read and photocopy (No. S142003).  And there is nothing I can do about it. Sue them, what a joke that is.

I remember the times I was told by visitors to Randy that they would visit him with bubbles coming from his trach and no nurse to suction him.   What about the bad nursing he received and I wasn't there to make sure he was looked after because of the banning. This was the whole point of my banning I now believe and it had nothing to do with me being overfriendly. Like Randy said I am really really really stupid.The deceit and the abuse of authority is vomitoid. 

If nursing is understaffed then the nurses should be picketing outside on the sidewalk on their days off..

Quote from Bobby Schindler 6/13/2008 When your life becomes difficult, change your life, not your morals.  Faced with difficult life choices today, too many have become too comfortable acting immorally.

A thought, I will ask the new seniors advocate appointed by the government to do something: Isobel Mackenzie.What a joke, you say. Yes, a joke.  I already asked for her help from her months ago and she never answered my email. Appear that something is happening.  Another puppet of the Ministry of Health whose primary job is to refer individuals to appropriate agencies but first you must face your abusers. Delay, until the victims pass and the children inherit.


Saturday, September 20, 2014


It is Saturday, September 20 2014.  I had a great deal of activity this past week.  I still do not understand how affidavits can go missing from the court house.  This time it was my Affidavit containing the police reports and all of them were not compatible with those of Paladin Security.. This in direct contrast with the dangers imposed by my behavioir towards staff, visitors, and residents.  I am pushing seventy and I do not recall any physical violence that I ever imposed on anyone.  VCH staff acted without forethought and in haste without regard to the law or the best interests of Randy.  On October 21, 2013, it was self-defence. I pushed the mob away from me and Randy. I should get an apologize and those that mobbed us should be arrested.

Deconstructing Calder's Report
Within days of Randy being first admitted to George Pearson Centre in 2010, he got an infection and had to be returned to Vancouver Coastal Health.  It was during this time that Randy wrote a letter to Dr. Roberts saying that he did not want to return to George Pearson Center and he wanted me to be involved in all decision making.  I scotched taped the letter to Randy's bed frame and bulletin wall.  Instead of discussing with us the problems, they abruptly moved Randy in Vancouver General Hospital and I could not find him.  This is what the first Paladin incident was about.  The next day when I went to visit Randy, Security was called and we left.  I had two friends of Randy with me then and no there was no shouting or disrespectful behaviour. The friends could not believe the actions of VGH.  I only wanted to see Randy and VGH choose to hide him. They even put a no contract order on without Randy's knowledge.  They imprisoned him.against his wishes. No police were called. This nonsense was documented by a document that was seven pages long by Paladin. VGH again sent Randy back to GPC against Randy's instructions..It is a joke to say that VCH are partners in care. Kim Sinclair authored this mess.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dr. Moira Stilwell

If you as a reader is disturbed by the way the medical establishment behaves, email Randy's MLA, Dr.Moira Stilwell. or phone her office at 604.660.8360 and tell her so. 

Her address is: 7283 Cambie Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6P 3H2
(right across from George Pearson Centre).

If she gets 200,000 emails and/or phone calls, better yet letters, things will swiftly change. It has got to. We can't be bullied by the medical authorities to the detriment of our security of person. 

You might also want to tell your doctor that you disapprove of what is happening on my blog or your own personal experiences.  All the doctors are members of the College of Physicians and Surgeons and they can institute changes quicker than the government.  


Sunday, September 14, 2014

The day after Randy's fifth's month anniversary of his death

I survived yesterday quite well.  I was surprised.  I did not cry once.  However, I did have flashbacks.

When I first was banned from seeing Randy in 2011 I asked one of the nurses if she would wheel Randy in his wheelchair to the common visitor's room so he could look out and see me on the sidewalk.  This she did.  They left him there alone.  He did not know what was happening.  He could see me.  He was gnarling at the large windows trying to get to me.  It was heart breaking.  I never asked for the staff to do this again. Now I am crying.

I still have to finish deconstructing Calder's report.  What Vancouver Coastal Health has done to discredit me is so bizarre it has to be believable.  I asked this past week for the report of  Dr. Georgia Nemetz, a psychologist in private practice who had been brought in by VCHA to conduct debriefings with GPC employees following the October 21, 2013, incident: the incident in which I was attacked by staff and security at GPC when I attempted to remove Randy from GPC.I acted in self-defence. When I receive it I will deconstruct it as well.

In Calder's Affidavit paragraph 19 he states that if I continue to have any access to GPC that there is a significant risk that staff at GPC, including Dr. Jame Dunne, who is crucial to the operation of GPC's respiratory ward, will quit or refuse to work on the respiratory ward at GPC.  Where in hell did he get that from.  Yes, Dr. Dunne do us a favour and quit. Just to reiterate in three years I spoke to Dunne a total of three times: totalling twenty minutes. I sent him numerous emails and he never replied to one of them.  As far as I am concerned this respected member of the medical establishment is a cry baby and don't get me going about Dr. John Fleetham, a bigger cry baby than Dr. Dunne..

In paragraph 20, Calder says that VCH has done all that it can to accommodate me in my requests to access Mr. Walker.  VCH is under significant pressure from other residents of GPC, families of those residents, staff at GPC, and WORKSAFE BC to protect the safety of all parties involved.  What residents, what families, what staff and I was told by Worksafe BC that they would never ask for the banning of anyone. And how did VCH accommodate me. They abused their powers and flaunted the law, no broke the law.. And now my Randy is dead, him being robbed of the time we could have been together.

What is wrong with Calder's and Nemetz's reports is I speculate that they were never made aware of the fact that Randy was not a prisoner at GPC and I only acted in self-defence.  Neither of them talked to me or saw the police report. I did not hit a police officer which Calder alledges. How could I intimidate staff at GPC when the staff are the experts in how to intimidate. What about the bruising I received on October 22, 2013 to which I have a witness. 

The best one is in paragraph 21 where Calder says that my behavior increases the risk of injury to herself.  Does that mean that staff is going to physically attack me again.  How can Clark, Wilson, VCH's lawyers allow such garbage to be entered as evidence against me wanting to see Randy.  But then lawyers do exactly what their clients tell them.

The deconstruction will post...


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Randy's fifth month anniversary of his death

I apologize again for not doing enough to save Randy.  Randy always said I was stupid and I agree.  I have been trying to puzzle what has happen these past years since his accident.
One does not need a constitutional challenge to tell Vancouver Coastal Health that it denied Randy his security of person and that they should have acted in his best interests.  As for me I was entrapped by a system that is not accountable to anyone: no jail time.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Doctors in Ontario have to follow the law re DNRs and informed consent.

At least in Ontario, doctors are finally instructed to follow the law: 

Doctors at a major Toronto hospital violated the law by unilaterally imposing a do-not-resuscitate order on an elderly patient against his family’s wishes, an Appeal Board has ruled in an extraordinary clash over end-of-life care.

go to National Post and type in DNR (father : Douglas DeGuerre ; daughter: Joy Wawrzyniak, who saw her father die and no one would help including the doctors who put the illegal DNR Order on her father).

This happened to me twice finding Randy needing acute care as he was heading for heart failure but I was lucky I called 911 and Randy's imminent death via DNR was averted.  

But then I was banned on January 29 2014 from both George Pearson Centre and all other Vancouver General Hospitals because of disrespectful conduct. Risk Management said the Order would be extended forever; this was confirmed by a letter from its lawyers.  

Randy finally died on April 13 2014 from organ failure. No one told me he had bad organs.

I had to get a Supreme Court Order to see Randy die in the ICU.  I had to get the Order by myself (self-counsel).  

I do not know how the Public Trustee and Guardian got involved but its lawyer was able to get an adjournment at the first court hearing for three weeks as Randy's condition was "plateaued" so I could not see Randy for another three weeks and a few days later he died. The PGT didn't care about Randy. If they did they would have made sure I had access to Randy.

If anyone knows how to get a hold of Joy Wawrzniak please refer her to this blog and thank her for fighting for her father since 2008.  I would like to talk to her. 604-321-2276

Postscript September 9, 2014, no mention of the Ontario decision is found in the Province or the Sun.  

I am also looking for Mary Turner who was/is a resident of Prince George.  She lives/lived across from the college.


If you as a reader are disturbed by the way the medical establishment behaves, email Randy's MLA, Dr.Moira Stilwell. or phone her office at 604.660.8360 and tell her so.If she gets 200,000 emails and/or phone calls, things will swiftly change. It has got to. We can't be bullied by the medical authorities to the detriment of our security of person. They want DNRs so they can take people's lives away from them before it is truly time.  Quality of life issues for the most part are bogus. What quality of life do I have: I am poor


Saturday, August 30, 2014

April 13 2014 ICU VGH 3:00 pm

Quote from the Second Edition of Privileged Presence: Personal Stories of Connections in Health Care, by Liz Crocker & Bev Johnson, page 230.

"The wife knew that the end was near and asked the nurse if she could get into bed with her husband and snuggle.  And the answer was, Of course you can, dear."


This isn't what happened to me when I asked the nurse who had twenty years experience in the ICU if I could lay down next to Randy for a few minutes.

The nurse said  NO.  I said why not.  The nurse said that it was not allowed as it was a liability issue. I asked what liability. The nurse then said that the bed Randy was dying on belonged to the hospital.

I was taken aback with the refusal and the stupid reasoning, and backed slowly into an alcove.

As I stood there, slightly out of sight, two Paladin security guards ran to the pod questioning "where is she, where is she."  The nurse had called security.

What was security going to do: pull me out of the room by my hair screaming.

This VCH did to me and Randy.  This I will never forgive.

If you find this behavior vomitoid by VGH, email Randy's MLA, Moira Stilwell. or phone her office at 604.660.8360 and tell her so.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Deconstructing Calder's Erroneous Report Amended 29/08/14

The frist Paragraph 1 wrote by me is missing.  I will have to reconstruct it in the next day or two.  

*The paragraph missing had to do with Calder's recommendation that I be permanently restricted from attending George Pearson Centre and from all other VCH facilities and this was incorporated in the Notice of Trespass letter I received on January 29 2014 and what risk management said.* 

Unless staff and Dr. Dunne are harshly interrogated by the police as if they were terrorists rather than saints, I will never know.  If I had not been there on November 18 2013 and December 26 2013 during my limited access to Randy and I calling 911 Randy would have died. Because of the missing paragraph, this sentence was to refer if the staff or Dr. Dunne shut off Randy's heart monitor (the audio).  This was conveniently countered later by Paladin Security who said the alarm was on after I brought it to management's attention.  Anything to save Palladin's multimillion contract with VCH. Randy's heart rate was 142 and 155 and maybe beyond.  In Randy's frail condition his heart rate should have been alarmed at 100.

The staff was instructed not to call 911 because Randy had a DNR on him. Randy did not have terminal cancer, he had respiratory problems, maybe a pneumonia (an infection), he wasn't at the end of a painful cancer death because he did not have cancer; he had a spinal cord injury due to an acquired brain injury. 

My ideation is that Mr. Calder be run out of his profession post haste.

His report was given to WorkSafeBC, Vancouver Coastal Health and the Public Guardian and Trustee. And now it is a court record accessible to the public in the Supreme Court Registry.
(Action No. S142003).

How could Vancouver Coastal Health commission such a disparaging report.

On a lighter note, I have custody of Randy's doggie being a mixed terrier-poodle. It is so spolit that it won't eat anything unless I feed him by spoon or else from my hand.   I suspect it is his way of getting undivided attention from me.  Like Randy when he stubbornly refused for months to have the respiratory technicians tend to him after they took away his passey-muir talking valve...  I blame myself for not fighting harder for Randy...They had no right to take away his means of communication limited although it could have been.  The first word he spoke to me as he looked at me and this is documented in his health record was the word "stupid."  And that is exactly what I am: stupid and also stupid for believing in the system.

Friday, August 22, 2014

August 22 2014

I checked with the court registry this afternoon to see if the two missing affidavits had appeared.  No.

I do not know what was in the affidavits that was so important.  Maybe it had something to do with not telling the truth.

In any event, I came across an email of one of the supposed "offending emails" I sent to Dr. James Dunne with cc to Dr. John Fleetham. One of the emails that caused Dr. Fleetham to abandon Randy as he could not provide Randy with objective care and one over which Dr. Dunne threatened to resign.

I did not receive a reply to this email.It took Dunne and Fleetham ten months to make mention of it or the one dated May 16, 2013.

Audrey Laferriere


to james.dunne, john.fleetham, frank.ryan
Further to my email to you dated May 16, 2013, to which you have not
replied to.  Please do.  

I also want to know why you are refusing to give Randy an oxygen tank
 for use when he is off site.  Someone telling me that he doesn't fit the 
criteria for home funding does not ring true or Ro telling me that an 
oxygen tank might explode the likelihood so remote that such a statement
is rendered ridiculous. Note:  I was given a second opinion saying that if Randy
was off site and was having difficulty the only thing that would save him would
be oxygen. I offered to pay for the oxygen.

Just like Randy cannot have a passey muir valve so he can speak
because there is no funding to monitor him.  I read the passey muir
web site and it says a passey muir valve helps swallowing so how can
you say that he can't swallow therefore he can't have a passey muir
valve. Randy can swallow, how else can he be rid of his mouth saliva.
I do not believe that you or you staff understands fully what a passey muir

Your rationalization that suctioning only be as needed is based
when a patient is in intensive care and there is one-to-one nursing
and not in a ward with closed curtains and one nurse overseeing ten
patients as she walks down the middle of the ward each fifteen
minutes (????).
NOTE: At times you can't even find a nurse on the ward.
They have no schedule they just walk by whenever whenever that is.

Even telling me that Randy can't have the curtains open in
the ward puts him at risk as staff cannot see him.  

I want Randy safe and it seems that you are doing everything possible
to make sure he is not safe.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Assisted Suicide in Oregon

Stats from Oregon tell us that the reasons people ask for assisted suicide are loss of autonomy (93%), loss of ability to engage in enjoyable activities (89%) and feelings of being a burden on family, friends/caregivers (49%).

What this says to me those that want assisted suicide have been abandoned. All three reasons could be alleviated by a caring community.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Finding No. 4 Calder's Workplace Violence Assessment

4.  Ms. Laferriere has identified specific individuals in emails and in the internet blog.  These include Richard Singleton, Risk Management, Romilda Ang, George Pearson Manager, Tanvirenzoha Batlawala, Resident Care Co-ordinator, Sam Greenspan, Social Worker, and Dr. Dunne, Mr. Walker's physicians.  

Why is this an issue.  These are the people that I was told to deal with.  Was I not suppose to send them emails just discuss things verbally so there is no evidence to counter whatever these people might say. I know of no incident where any of these people ran from me or even cut a meeting short. 

And to think the taxpayer is paying for this idiotic report.

Finding #2 was even more stupid.

It is reasonable to conclude that Ms Laferriere recognizes that her behavior, actions, communications and contacts would cause fear, anxiety, and humiliation and intimidate workers.

So it is my fault. This assumption is ridiculous and illogical.

Where did Calder get this from. A clairvoyant. It was the other way around: staff and security intimidated me and caused me fear, anxiety, and humiliation to the point that before I went to George Pearson Centre to see Randy I had to take a valium to ensure that I be calm.  This is documented by my personal physician.  I did everything possible to avoid any type of interaction or conflict with staff. I did not want to get physically assaulted by them again. Violence does scare you into compliance or flight especially at seventy years old and weighing 100 pounds.. Staff was told not to talk to me so there was no real verbal interaction except the barest of pleasantries.

I expressed my displeasure with being bullied to management in January 2010-2011.  They just ignored my pleas. The social worker did not keep my notes I wrote to him, and Risk Management just looked into space when I talked to him.

If the result of this report wasn't so tragic it would be laughable.  Staff at GPC treated me with great disrespect and contempt and now this "expert" with his libel. And all the while Randy being denied his constitutional rights (1) not having a say in his treatment and (2) being imprisoned (no security of person) not to mention my rights were violated.

Calder's evidence is 35 pages long, a long way to go yet...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Critical Care Nurse Fast Facts

Critical Care Nurse Vol 28, No. 2, April 2008


According to estimates, 30% to 40% of patients do not receive care consistent with current scientific evidence.  That was in April 2008, with VCH's Mean Management's Best Practices it is most likely higher than that in 2014.

Do not instill normal saline (physiological salt solution) before endotracheal suctioning.  VCH is doing this and this process probably is causing infections. The salt causes colonized bacteria to dislodge. I opposed the use of this but still saw the pink saline bullets at Randy's bedside.

Turning critically ill patients every two hours may not be enough to preserve the oxygenating ability of the lungs or to prevent healthcare-acquired pneumonia.  I have never seen GPC turn Randy or any other patient and Randy had pneumonia often

Four Month Anniversary of Randy's Death

Yesterday being August 13 2014 has been four months since Randy died a painless death at VGH.  I can still free the climate of the room and see the heart monitor as it would not flat line for hours and hours and then at 7:55 pm it stopped and my Randy was dead.  I was holding his hand and apologizing to him that I was so so sorry that I didn't do enough to save him.  I stayed to 11:00 pm waiting for the doctor to sign off.  I covered his face after an hour as he was turning ashen in colour and I knew his long fight was over. He wanted to be with me.  The greatest gift of love and I wasn't able to reciprocate.  I am so so so sorry, Randy.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dunne's Missing Affidavit

I keep thinking what could have been in Dunne's Affidavit that someone would want it to go missing. 

Back to deconstructing Calder's Affidavit which was filed on March 17 2014 paragraph 8, Calder was advised by "hearsay evidence" that Mrs. Laferriere attempted to "hit or run over" the GPC staff with Mr. Walker's electronic wheel chair.  Randy did not have a 2000 pound power chair, it was a light weight manual wheelchair that could be navigated with a finger. I agree power chairs can maine and kill. I only wanted to move the aluminum light weight wheelchair out of the building.  I did not go chasing anyone. The investigator Calder did not even check out whether or not Randy had a power chair. So much for expert testimony. The use of such a word would of course cause a judge to think the worst.  To remind the readers, the incident of October 21/22 2013 was self defence. 

The staff attacked Randy and me so that I could not take Randy off the site which I believed was an unsafe and toxic environment and he wanted to go. They impeded our exit. This was illegal. A few days later, this was confirmed by Risk Management. Randy was imprisoned and the police would not charge those that assaulted and imprisoned us. What I do not understand although what I did was legal, why did VCH keep using this incident as its privotal point to get me banned 100%. All they have to do is mention a violent incident without why and the media would not get involved. The media has judged you and that avenue is closed to you.

I read in the Metro today that Barneys department store in the US settled a racial profile case for $525,000. I think I should get the same amount from VCH for criminally profiling me. I will deposit the money in Randy's foundation with its mandate to demand no banning except if the person did a criminal act causing physical damage and then only for a specific time period.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Press Release to IPFCC

On Friday I attended at the Vancouver Convention.  I handed out 200 Press Releases.  The convention was attended by 700. I saw no one from VCH.

8 August 2014

TO: 6th International Conference on Patient and Family Centered Care
        Bayshore, Vancouver, B.C.


 Woman banned from all Vancouver Coast Health Facilities on January 29 2014 for disrespectful conduct for ninety days while husband is dying at George Pearson Centre. (with a threat that it will be extended forever)

Woman unable to access husband until she alone self-litigated and got a court order only long enough to watch him die from what could have been a preventable urinary track infection in Vancouver General Hospital in the Intensive Care Unit on 13 April 2014.  I saw him for ninety minutes him being non responsive before being sent to ICU. 

Disrespectful or not, this woman should have had access to her husband 24/7 because of his fragile health and not a cruel banning.  One complaint was that she sent emails to Kip Woodward, the chairman of the Board of Vancouver Coastal Health.  Another one was she was being too friendly with the residents and visitors and she was barred from talking to them. She was also barred from talking to the nursing staff and Randy’s doctors. Randy was 57 years old. 

Randy’s right to security of person was violated by VCH.  He was imprisoned. He had no right to see who he wanted, when he wanted or where he wanted. This was part of his health care plan for which he was denied.  Since he was dying I should have been there. Randy had a spinal cord injury, an ABI and a trach so he could not talk. Because of $rationing he was denied a passey-muir talking valve.

Randy gave Audrey the lawful rights given under BC legislation : the Representation Agreement and an Enduring Power of Attorney both of which VCH refused to honour. And a will dated in 2006.

Audrey Jane Laferriere
5976 Cambie Street
Vancouver, B.C.
V5Z 3A9

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