Friday, January 31, 2014

The Ultimate Insult

Vancouver Coastal Health finally did it.  They banned me completely from George Pearson Centre.  Not only from there but also from Vancouver General Hospital and the corporate offices as well as all other Coastal Health properties.  They did this on Wednesday.

Ro Ang three weeks ago told me that Randy was dying and that I should accept that and put Randy on a DNR/DNT.  I asked her how many residents at GPC are on DNR/DNT and she said most.  She also said that a lot of people die at George Pearson Centre.

So what does she do although Randy is dying and he had three close calls last year and he is fragile, she bans me.  Why because I am not respectful. In my father's time it was because I refused to "kiss ass."  One of the complaints was that I send emails to the chairman of the board, Kip Woodward.

They would revisit it in 90 days provided my behavior is appropriate.  I can only read from this is that I am not allowed to continue to voice my concerns about the treatment Randy and others have received and the humiliations that I have suffered during the years. What a joke. Keeping a man from his loving partner. 

They even threatened me with the Public Guardian and Trustee as if that organization makes decisions based on clients being respectful.

I am not even allowed to talk to his doctor, Mr. James Dunne, the doctor we fired and the doctor who nearly killed Randy on November 18 2013 with a DNR Order and a DNT Order. How sick is it that this man is still Randy's doctor. He should be under arrest. The decision for a DNR is that of the patient not of a doctor. And to make it worse, Dr. Dunne never told us about the DNR/DNT.  Stealth Euthanasia. Just because he gets pneumonias does not mean that Randy should die.

But I shouldn't worry they said because if Randy was on his death bed they would call me.  I do not think so this time they will make sure he is dead before they call me.  They won't want a repeat of what happened on November 18, 2013.  If I wasn't there Randy would have died.  The staff knows who is scheduled to die and they stand there as if they are enjoying watching the passing of someone's life.  And two days later they do not remember the person's name.  The staff have no respect for the dead at GPC because if they did they would show up at the memorial services. I understand that they are not encouraging memorial services anymore.

I told Ro not to do this as Randy is very fragile and he will be very distressed but did she care.  No.  I suspect she will just drug him so he doesn't even know that I am not visiting him.  They have imprisoned him against his wishes and mine.  I have a representation agreement stating that I have a fudiciary duty of care to Randy and I can't do this if I am prevented from seeing Randy.  Rich families hire nurses aids to sit with their hospitalized family members for 24/7 to make sure they are cared for but if you are poor the is no one.  It would be so easy for Randy to die. How can I trust the nurses who were part of November 18 2013 and December 26 2013.  They just stood there behind the protection of an illegal Doctor's Order that Randy cannot be transferred.

They are so stupid.  It is not the doctor's orders they have to listen to, it is the patent's orders.  Doctors are so far removed from patients that Dr. Dunne didn't even know on November 15, 2013, if Randy was in a coma or was just depressed.  He decided Randy was in a coma and he was dying and he put on a DNR and DNT on him and he had no intention of telling us.  In the United States for doing this, the doctor can be sued, but in Canada it is okay for doctors to illegally place Orders on patients that kill. Apparently, it is done all the time in British Columbia.

About kissing ass, I thought this was cute.  "Ro and I (Richard Singleton) will be available to meet with you every second week in the food court at Oakridge Mall " What is the purpose of that.  How can that determine the degree of my respectful behavior in a food court.  Kindergarten management by grown ups. And they get paid over a $100,000 a year.  I suspect Richard is in the $200,000 bracket.

And then there is Tanu Batlawala who told me three years ago that she would have me banned and I would never see Randy again. Since I have a witness to this conversation, I will  report her to the College of Registered Nurses.  And now that she has finally done it, she should face some kind of consequence. She  causes pain to people's lives and nothing happens to her.  I remember telling Tanu once that Marion the former manager of GPC told me she takes full responsibility for the banning and Tanu got quite upset so I knew at that point she was behind it.

I was to have been given paperwork to evidence the many many many many incidents of my disrespectful conduct today at 1:30 and Richard did not supply them or not even call me to say he couldn't, he just called the police to have me removed from George Pearson Centre.What a dishonest incompetent liar.and :him being part of the upper management of Vancouver Coastal Health.

Comments to:

CKNW 604.331.2832 (When I phoned CKNW this morning to see if they got my faxes I am now on their do not answer list although I was told on Friday that they would do a story on this).  So much for the media.But phone them anyways eventually they will have to take notice.

try,       (Susan Anton, Minister of Justice)
Vancouver General Hospital, 604-875-4111  

(I was told that the chairmen of the health boards do not read my emails).  If staff just ignores your  communications and the chairman as well, what are you to do.   Remember:  the five-Ds of VCH: 1.delay 2. deny 3 divide family from patient 4. discredit 5.demoralize. Even knowing this it is really hard.when your spouse is dying and you cannot have access to him.

Do you think Vancouver Coastal Health is EVIL? TELL someone.

Randy is alone, bedridden, can't talk, and is frightened. On December 10 2013, when he was told that he was being forced to return to GPC from VGH, he gave up and became incompetent due to depression.  He is incapable of making any decisions.  With every bad decision of GPC makes he becomes worse.And having me banned for no criminal reason will be devastating for him.  When what happens is pieced together by other residents and their families, it will cause fear. Now I understand why management refused to allow me to organize a Resident's Council.

What has my sarcastic behavior have to do with Randy's  health care and his rights..


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday January 24 2014

I woke this morning thinking back to a CBC report/story wherein they were talking about how the doctors of those who were institutionalized in Germany had to fill out documentation stating if their patients were capable of working or not.  Of course, the doctors, to protect their patients, said NO.  The doctors had no idea that those that could not work would be herded up in trucks and transported away to be murdered because they were not productive to German society.

History has now repeated itself.  There is now a twist of what happened in Germany now the government  uses DNR and DNT orders and "confidentiality" to achieve the same result.  It is not called being non-productive to society it is now called having no quality of life.  Same result but this time it is doctors playing mind games with patients. Instead of the government making the decision of who dies it is the patient and the trios of death doctors that circle our major hospitals citing that it would be a medically appropriate decision.. I saw them do it, as soon as they got a "nod" off the trio disappears never to be seen again.. At no time did the trio tell the patient or his family that he could change his mind.  In Canada it started in 1995 the culling of the unnecessary and now it seems to be a patriotic duty to have a DNR or a DNT.  No one really understands what a DNR or a DNT really means but it sounds patriotic.  What it means you are agreeing to hasten your death. 

Doctors do not want difficult patients to treat and the government is using health care like they used to use welfare as its whipping boy for the reason our economy is fast approaching third world status.

I have maybe ten more years to live as I am old but healthy and what is the government going to do send me to a re-education colony.

Both Christy Clark and Suzanne Anton, are well aware of this since I told them in November 2013 and neither have approached me to convince me otherwise..

As for those who claim they are believers in bioethics they all should be scarlet lettered so we know who they are.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Friday, January 24, 2014

Panhandling January 24 2013

I will be starting my fundraising campaign to raise money to investigate why a DNR/DNT Order was placed on Randy Michael Walker on November 18 2013 by VCH.  Randy was not imminent i.e. close to certain death.

I do not know what VCH is doing but someone has to start making waves.

Can you imagine a Do Not Transfer Order.  911 comes, and just leaves you there to die
 and you do not even know why.

This is what happened to Randy and I on November 18 2013.

Tell Christy Clark 1-250-768-8428 to fire these bums who think they are god.  Also phone Suzanne Anton who knew about what happened and did nothing.  1-250-387-1866. Both of them should resign.

Our BC  health system will look after you as long as you do not get chronic and live for 18 years. Stay healthy or else they will find a way to kill you and you won't even know..

I was only able to spend one hour postering this morning in front of Tim Hortons on Broadway.. Those on the street were reading my sign and I am sure they will remember what the sign said even if they did not understand what a DNR or a DNT was.  A man gave me a $1.50 so it is the first step to funding.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Audrey Laferriere Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 2:03 AM

To: "Singleton, Richard [VA]"

From your letter of January 20 2014 you refer to "respect." I do not know what that means considering VCH has shown me and Randy nothing but cruel disrespect from 2010. .
I want a definition of what respect means.  It isn't a one way street.
I told VGH that Randy is not to be returned to GPC as it is not safe for him to be there and VGH behind my back returned him why because Cheryl said they knew that I would object.  So what is the point of having a legal representative agreement wherein I am to decide housing if VGH disrespects my directions.

If you agree to whatever VGH wants then you are included in what unsafe envirornments when they want to get make a bed for someone else.  Even though I would ask each nurse each day at VGH if Randy was scheduled to be moved.  Their answers were all the condensing the same: No. Even though they knew of why it is unsafe for Randy at GPC and they knew what was going on. Each nurse shoudo have her professional designation removed as well as each of the doctors who conspired behind my back.   

We don't trust priests anymore so why should we trust doctors. I shouldn't be too harsh as there are lawyers but unless you have $200,000 cash up front, they do not do health care issues.

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Bastards Did it Again

I wasn't able to categorize what is wrong with the medical staff and it finally came to me: they are like security guards who earn their keep by creating situations. They are all the same; they have to be in control and if they feel they are not they will make your life miserable. If you agree with them everything is fine.  If they even suspect that you might have a different opinion they will turn on. you They are all passive aggressive. They are trained to do defensive reporting rather tan objective reporting. In four years I have never meant a genuine nurse yet.

Although I have asked that Randy not be returned to GPC because of it placing DNR/DNT Orders on Randy without our consent, VGH did it anyways.  They packed him up and moved him.  Administration  put another I cannot visit Randy ban on me so I cannot see Randy and Randy will die as I will not be able to rescue him again. What is this some kind of computer game. And this is how Ostrow ow he gets his points.
Audrey Laferriere
12:59 PM (15 minutes ago)

Can you tell me when I will be able to get the medical report for Randy from December 20 2014 to now especially December 26 2013 and the No Transfer Order by Dr. Dunne.  I also need the  DNR/DNT Order Dr. Dunne signed prior to November 18 2013 
I want all the reports including the one saying Randy is incompetent as well as all the doctor's and nurse's notes on him.  As well as his medications. I also want all the reports from Emergency which I understand is separate from the floor medical records.
I feel totally betrayed by VGH by returning Randy back to GPC which is unsafe because of the many DNR/DNT Orders placed on him without Randy's or my informed consent and the rationing of treatment VCH thought it best to deny him to save money. Randy is not imminent so there is no reason for a DNR/DNT unhtil VGH has a new policy to be rid of the disabled..  
I also want the VGH emergency report when Randy was admitted on November 19 2013 and also on December 26 2014.
I would appreciate this information as soon as possible as Randy's life depends on it.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Now the Good want to move Randy back to the Bad

copy of email sent to CTV Janury 10 2013

Audrey Laferriere
11:29 PM (4 hours ago)

to patricia.garcia,
I was suggested to send you a brief outline of something that is happening to us in Vancouver. I tried CKNW and was told they did not do health care stories.Just feel good stories.  My story is not a feel good one.
Three years ago my spouse suffered a spinal cord injury.  There isn't too much wrong with him except he is susceptible to infections from where he lives: George Pearson Centre.
Unknown to me and unknown to Randy a rogue doctor James Dunne placed do not transfer orders on Randy on different occasions.  The last two nearly caused Randy his life as when he needed acute hospital intervention the staff would do nothing as it was against doctor's orders not to do anything.  They were letting him die. 
Randy is 57 years old and not imminent.  He has a limited quality of life and he has learned to live with it.  On all accounts he wants to live,

I had to fight like hell to get 911 to take him to VGH not once but twice.  Once there is a doctor's order no one will question it.  A doctor's order can be voided if the patient knows about it at any time by a patient or his surrogate however this is not general knowledge so deaths occur unnecessarily..  And the nurses would have let Randy die and the rogue doctor knew this would happen..And on these two occasions Randy was not told and neither was I.

The problem now is that VGH wants to return Randy back to GPC under the care of the rogue doctor who put a DNT on Randy twice and it is business as usual. How can VGH returned a patient to an unsafe environment.  It is beyond my comprehension.  And of course GPC/VGH/Risk Management refuse to discuss what the rogue doctor did. It is as if they just want it forgotten.  Like it never happened.
 Randy should not be forced to return to GPC.
I have tried to work with staff at GPC and VGH to make sure Randy would be safe if he had to return to GPC as he needs specialized care which at my age  I do not have the strength to do.  They won't negotiate or talk to me.  They seem intent on doing exactly whatever they want to do and next time I may not be there to rescue him
A DNT is a certain death sentence if you need acute care. And it is a relatively new vehicle used by rogue physicians for those that are chronically ill but still have 18 years to live.A DNR means go to acute care while a DNT means do not move close the curtain and phone the family after death ... like what happened to me on November 18 2013.  The nurse made a mistake I am sure that cost him his job he  phoned me before Randy was truly dead and I and a friend  were able  to bag him.  His heart rate was 155 and he was dehydrated and he was within moments of death  The rest is too painful to write...

VCH FOI told me that they have nothing in their data base about the use of Do Not Transfer protocols.

I asked Richard Singleton, director of risk management for a letter saying that VCH would never put a DNR/DNT Order on Randy again and he refused although Randy has a representation agreement saying he wants FULL CODE.  In addition Richard said he would not negotiate any safety issues. Things are just fine at GPC..

Doctor's orders can be put on a patient's chart on the whim of a doctor, no questions asked.  The rogue doctor can do as he wants.  No witnesses.  No informed consent.

I do not know who is in charge.  No one seems to know. To help us is to vocalize your dismay:  send emails to :  Kip is the chairman of the board. I am not sure if he reads his emails but at least you have tried also forward a copy of this blog link to your contacts.

VCH has to be made accountable; it is just a matter of time that the house of cards will collapse and fall hopefully not hurting too many vulnerable patients and families on the way down. Beware of the venom of the snake oil salesmen. (Susan Anton, Minister of Justice)
Vancouver General Hospital, 604-875-4111
this might also work:

Following orders from a superior is no defense to criminally prosecute and each nurse who blindly follow doctor's orders that would in high probability lead to death should along with the doctor be criminally prosecuted.  

Friday, January 10, 2014


context of email sent January 10 2013
to JAG and CKNW
Audrey Laferriere
10:49 PM (8 hours ago)

to nwnews, JAG.Minister
I haven't heard anything from you for two months.  Is the state condoning murder by DNR/DNT doctor Orders.  Please advise.

It is one thing asking to be euthanized and it quite another matter NOT wanting to be euthanized.

 In Canada euthanasia is illegal.

CKNW 604-331-2832

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