Friday, January 31, 2014

The Ultimate Insult

Vancouver Coastal Health finally did it.  They banned me completely from George Pearson Centre.  Not only from there but also from Vancouver General Hospital and the corporate offices as well as all other Coastal Health properties.  They did this on Wednesday.

Ro Ang three weeks ago told me that Randy was dying and that I should accept that and put Randy on a DNR/DNT.  I asked her how many residents at GPC are on DNR/DNT and she said most.  She also said that a lot of people die at George Pearson Centre.

So what does she do although Randy is dying and he had three close calls last year and he is fragile, she bans me.  Why because I am not respectful. In my father's time it was because I refused to "kiss ass."  One of the complaints was that I send emails to the chairman of the board, Kip Woodward.

They would revisit it in 90 days provided my behavior is appropriate.  I can only read from this is that I am not allowed to continue to voice my concerns about the treatment Randy and others have received and the humiliations that I have suffered during the years. What a joke. Keeping a man from his loving partner. 

They even threatened me with the Public Guardian and Trustee as if that organization makes decisions based on clients being respectful.

I am not even allowed to talk to his doctor, Mr. James Dunne, the doctor we fired and the doctor who nearly killed Randy on November 18 2013 with a DNR Order and a DNT Order. How sick is it that this man is still Randy's doctor. He should be under arrest. The decision for a DNR is that of the patient not of a doctor. And to make it worse, Dr. Dunne never told us about the DNR/DNT.  Stealth Euthanasia. Just because he gets pneumonias does not mean that Randy should die.

But I shouldn't worry they said because if Randy was on his death bed they would call me.  I do not think so this time they will make sure he is dead before they call me.  They won't want a repeat of what happened on November 18, 2013.  If I wasn't there Randy would have died.  The staff knows who is scheduled to die and they stand there as if they are enjoying watching the passing of someone's life.  And two days later they do not remember the person's name.  The staff have no respect for the dead at GPC because if they did they would show up at the memorial services. I understand that they are not encouraging memorial services anymore.

I told Ro not to do this as Randy is very fragile and he will be very distressed but did she care.  No.  I suspect she will just drug him so he doesn't even know that I am not visiting him.  They have imprisoned him against his wishes and mine.  I have a representation agreement stating that I have a fudiciary duty of care to Randy and I can't do this if I am prevented from seeing Randy.  Rich families hire nurses aids to sit with their hospitalized family members for 24/7 to make sure they are cared for but if you are poor the is no one.  It would be so easy for Randy to die. How can I trust the nurses who were part of November 18 2013 and December 26 2013.  They just stood there behind the protection of an illegal Doctor's Order that Randy cannot be transferred.

They are so stupid.  It is not the doctor's orders they have to listen to, it is the patent's orders.  Doctors are so far removed from patients that Dr. Dunne didn't even know on November 15, 2013, if Randy was in a coma or was just depressed.  He decided Randy was in a coma and he was dying and he put on a DNR and DNT on him and he had no intention of telling us.  In the United States for doing this, the doctor can be sued, but in Canada it is okay for doctors to illegally place Orders on patients that kill. Apparently, it is done all the time in British Columbia.

About kissing ass, I thought this was cute.  "Ro and I (Richard Singleton) will be available to meet with you every second week in the food court at Oakridge Mall " What is the purpose of that.  How can that determine the degree of my respectful behavior in a food court.  Kindergarten management by grown ups. And they get paid over a $100,000 a year.  I suspect Richard is in the $200,000 bracket.

And then there is Tanu Batlawala who told me three years ago that she would have me banned and I would never see Randy again. Since I have a witness to this conversation, I will  report her to the College of Registered Nurses.  And now that she has finally done it, she should face some kind of consequence. She  causes pain to people's lives and nothing happens to her.  I remember telling Tanu once that Marion the former manager of GPC told me she takes full responsibility for the banning and Tanu got quite upset so I knew at that point she was behind it.

I was to have been given paperwork to evidence the many many many many incidents of my disrespectful conduct today at 1:30 and Richard did not supply them or not even call me to say he couldn't, he just called the police to have me removed from George Pearson Centre.What a dishonest incompetent liar.and :him being part of the upper management of Vancouver Coastal Health.

Comments to:

CKNW 604.331.2832 (When I phoned CKNW this morning to see if they got my faxes I am now on their do not answer list although I was told on Friday that they would do a story on this).  So much for the media.But phone them anyways eventually they will have to take notice.

try,       (Susan Anton, Minister of Justice)
Vancouver General Hospital, 604-875-4111  

(I was told that the chairmen of the health boards do not read my emails).  If staff just ignores your  communications and the chairman as well, what are you to do.   Remember:  the five-Ds of VCH: 1.delay 2. deny 3 divide family from patient 4. discredit 5.demoralize. Even knowing this it is really hard.when your spouse is dying and you cannot have access to him.

Do you think Vancouver Coastal Health is EVIL? TELL someone.

Randy is alone, bedridden, can't talk, and is frightened. On December 10 2013, when he was told that he was being forced to return to GPC from VGH, he gave up and became incompetent due to depression.  He is incapable of making any decisions.  With every bad decision of GPC makes he becomes worse.And having me banned for no criminal reason will be devastating for him.  When what happens is pieced together by other residents and their families, it will cause fear. Now I understand why management refused to allow me to organize a Resident's Council.

What has my sarcastic behavior have to do with Randy's  health care and his rights..


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