Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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to Romilda
I just read your letter of February 22 2013, there is not  to be any doctor's orders on Randy so why is there.  As you know I have to approve every order.  I want to see the legislation that says a doctor has power over me.  I expect this section in the legislation by return email.

Again yesterday I was told that Randy wanted to see me.  Again, I shall repeat no one is afraid of me at GPC.  They are only afraid of going against what they think they want you want them to say and hear.

These are front line workers and are not afraid of anything and what am I : a 100 lb elf 5'1'. 70 year old trying to enforce my rights under the Representation Agreement..The whole thing is laudable.

And I also want to know how is it that all the media knows about the incident on October 22 2013 when such incidents are suppose to be private and confidential.  So the media has contacts within VGH who are told what VCH wants them to hear.  I will never forget the reporter telling me that I was nothing but a liar.   

The point is I have the right to see Randy 24/7, to see his medical records on demand, and also to speak to all the medical personal who attends to him.  I also have the right to search the internet to discover that a regular heart rate monitor should be 110 and not greater. 150 or greater which is what you are using would put Randy in cardiac arrest within a short period of time.

If Randy needs to be hospitalized, he is to go to St. Paul's as when I was at VGH the nurse showed me that all the alarms in the step down ward were set at 150 and she commented that it was high but then it is its unthinking policy. I phoned BC Health Go at 811 and was told that 150 was dangerously high.
I want this post to be put into Randy medical binder.


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