Saturday, March 22, 2014

Due Process by GPC

I was told that the lawyer for VCH is going to ask that I be banned 100% from all VCH properties.  Based on what a report written recommendation by a security guard whose report is so grossly false that it shouuld be trashed.  This report is not based on the history of what happened nor the law.  He comes across as being a forsenic criminal profiler except I am not a criminal and I resent this invasion of lies and half truths.  Like Moirs Stillwel said VCH has its own government and it can use what false they need to justify whatever they do.

The Affidavit of Dr. James Dunne is equally inconsistent and inaccurate.  During the three years he has been Randy's physician (although he has been fired, he still is) he only talked to me for a total of twenty minutes in a three year period.

During that time I sent him letters, emails and phone calls and he never answered one of them.

Paragraph 11 really was a shocker him saying that on several occasions in 2012 and 2013 I had taken Randy off ward as if I had illegally taken him. Dunne doesn't even understand that no resident is a prisoner in his care.   I have taken Randy off the ward every single day that I could from October 2011 to June 30 2013 for clsoe to two years and if he wasn't at GPC I was at his side at VGH or St. P:auls and Dunne did not know that. And he had his affidavit sworn and notarized.

Paragraph 18 is even better: Ms. Laferriere's aggressive behavior and unreasonable instructions with respect o Mr. Walker's care are interfering with my ability to make objective decisions about his care and provide the best possible care for him.  What a joke. Sounds like a cry baby.  He has never communicated with me except for the twenty minutes and the night of November 18 2013 when I asked him in front of two witnesses to take off the DNR/DNT and he refused saying it wasn't his decision to make.  Of course it wasn't his decision to make.  Any decision for any treatment has to be made by Randy or me as Randy's legal representative.And Randy is entitled to be part of a treatment.    A patient can change his mind at any time. The DNR would have been void on November 15, 2013.  VCH should fire this man and not allow him to be near Randy or any other patient.

Paragraph 12. I also want to know how he convinced the police that placing a DNR/DNT on Randy was treatment rather than an Order to hasten Randy's death. I shall ask the Police Board to clarify this.. It is very simple. Iif you do anything to cause someone's death it is some kind of murder.  It is not treatment.  Euthanasia is illegal in Canada. Assisting in a suicide is also illegal. Placing a DNR on someone which results in death is also murder. 



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