Saturday, March 15, 2014

Why family has to be by the bedside of dying patients

The resurrection of the “technically dead” BIOEDGE
Lorna Baillie with daughter and husband
The family of a 51-year-old British woman is suing the government for £5 billion after she was wrongly declared dead. Following her massive heart attack two years ago, the doctors of Lorna Baillie told her family she was “technically dead” and they switched off her life support system. However, once this had been done Baillie continued to breathe.  It was only after 45 minutes that her family persuaded the doctors to reconnect life-support.

Tell me what is VCH's rationalization of banning a relative over kindergarten hysteria.  Randy could have died twice first on November 18 2013 and then on December 26 2013 and instead of giving him 24/7 nursing that I asked for what did they do it created a situation to have me 100% banned.  VCH can only manage by threats or calling security or banning.  I always wondered why when I would approach family members or even residents or staff at GPC and give them my phone numbers and even directions where I lived not one contacted me.  They too must have all been threatened to mind their business or we will ban you.  SICK SICK SICK

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