Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Randy is still alive

On Friday Randy was transferred from GPC to VGH as he had an infection again.  I wasn't able to see him until this afternoon and he looked tired and when he saw me I thought for awhile that he did not recognize him as I hadn't seen him because of the total banning.  However, when he started to cry I knew he recognized me and I told him that I would be back on Wednesday to see him.  When I am with him holding his hand I am always at peace.  Why can't he just be at home with me. I was told he had septis, the leading cause of death in ICU in the United States.  He also had a very large black sore on his heel of his foot.  This could have been caused by his nurses not moving him for hour and hours when he is sitting in his wheelchair.
My darling Randy.

And they make us this terrible story about me and even when he is on his death bed they will not allow me at his bedside unlike any other hospital.

Even a secretary  lied in an affidavit to discredit me.  Lies generated by security did not upset me nearly as much as the lies from her.  I only met her once for a few seconds so where did she get all her phantom information . Or does a VCH lawyer write an affidavit and say sign it and employees do even if the information is false.

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