Sunday, June 1, 2014

I am so sorry.

Randy, I am so sorry that I didn't try hard enough to save you. I am so very sorry. I could have save you for a few more months or maybe a year I do not know but VCH forcing me from your treatment and not seeing you and not being able to talk to staff I did not know what they were doing to you to keep you alive as long as possible. This afternoon a friend of Randy's took me to Canada Tire to purchase plastic buckets so I can store all my/Randy's possessions. Rearranging everything and repacking everything should take me a few days. I just can't throw any of Randy's belongings out yet. it is too soon. I hope all those that were party to what happen on October 22 2013, November 18, 2013, December 26, 32103, and the first week of April 13 2014 and January 29 2014 are feeling remorse for what they did. All of them should be investigated and moved to no human contact duty. .

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