Friday, June 27, 2014

Nurse Jennifer Timer and the death of her mother

Yesterday in the Vancouver Sun (front page) is a report by Pamela Fayerman after her talking to the daughter of Rosemarie Timer. Rosemarie fell while in hospital and died from a head injury which Jennifer thought could have been prevented.

Deaths from falls in hospitals happen often but no one takes the deaths seriously, especially the media. I am sure there should be a criminal charge of endangerment or homocide for this careless behaviour on part of hospital staff but I suspect it is not in the public interest to arrest those that are responsible. It would be against the public interest for us to know that there were 456 preventable deaths (BC Coroner) from falls last year 2013. The public might demand criminal charges or worse yet patients would refuse to be admitted to hospitals in the first instance.

I am surprised that the report was even published. It must have fallen through the cracks of the editorial staff at the Sun. When Randy Michael Walker died I had to have a court order to access him at his death in the ICU and the media didn't comment on that, nor anyone else. I also had complaints about his care. (The media reads all Supreme Court Orders.)

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