Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Post from December 2 2012

So what happened a year later ... why did staff at GPC attack me and cause a total banning of me at GPC and get the Public Trustee involved. The Ethics Committee did nothing. Randy got sick after December 23 2012 and spent Christmas at St. Pauls....GPC then started to ration his treatment and kept labelling him DNR even after Randy's lawyer said he wanted FULL CODE. Sunday, December 2, 2012 Things are a bit better at GPC.... Things are getting a bit better for me with Randy now that I am allowed to enter Ward 2 and stay with Randy for one-half hour sometimes it is extended to one hour. If he doesn't feel up to getting up I make sure he is comfortable, we chat a bit, and I make sure his television is on. I do not have to take my valium any more as I access George Pearson Centre without anticipation of the stress of waiting and waiting and waiting for staff to bring Randy to the visitor's room. I was so intiminated that I could not speak to anyone for the fear that I would then be subject to a report that I was combative and agressive. Now still under security of course I can go down to his open ward bed and if he wants to go to my place or to Oakridge for a few hours, I help him get dressed and we are off. I recently purchased him a $80,.00 rain cape that engulfs him while he is in his wheel chair outside. He also wears a Steelers hat. I purchased him a Steelers jacket for his birthday on December 10 2012 which I know will make him happy. He is a devote Steelers fan. The same is when I return. I call 4777 Paladin Security on my arrival. They immediatley escort me down to his bed and watch me and I spend a few minutes sometimes a 1/2 hour to make sure Randy is comfortable. There is no problem; no residents are shrieking that they are afraid of me. I am not even noticed by the other residents. Randy of course is more relaxed as he knows that I am looking after him at his bedside. Finally I am somewhat comfortable with this arrangement but of course I would prefer 24/7 access to him like other family members have to their loved ones. I am hoping to access the ethics committee for a ruling to say a two year ban based on staff and visitors who have nothing else to do but target a 70 year old lady and bully her until she had a verbal outburst with staff over giving a stuff toy to a resident is unreasonable. The LPN grabbed it out of my hand and he told me the resident did not need it and ripped it from my hands.He did not ask the resident and the resident to my mind was disturbed by his behavior. Since he could not talk I had to defend my kindness. It was a large stuffed toy. And after two years the LPN is till working there making decisions for residents. The Santa Clause stuffed toy remained for months in the nurses station. I suspect only to annoy me.

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