Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Forgive but Do Not Forget

Forgive But Do Not Forget.  I do not know what this means.  I was told to do this but I do not understand it.  How can you forgive a bunch of professional health care providers that put Randy and me through hell for four years with their over cautiousness as if I would harm someone.  What about them, them that are guilty of culpable homicides like the Timer "accidental' death.  Them putting on Randy two Do No Transfer Orders when he was in need of acute care so that he would die if he needed care more than what George Pearson Centre could offer.  What legal right have doctors to do this.

On two occasions I found Randy needing acute care and him having a do not transfer order on him and then what happens I get banned from seeing Randy for ninety days with management saying it will be extended forever..  They wanted Randy to die without me being with him as I might call 911 again.  Ro Ang the manager of George Pearson Centre said that all patients have a DNT on them.  I was shocked and still am as on November 18 and December 26, 2013 staff refused to send Randy to VGH because of these orders.  I had to force a call to 911. If Randy didn't go to VGH, he would have died a not good death at GPC.

It has been nine months since I contacted the College of Physicians and Surgeons to do something.  I haven't heard anything from them.  If I am to follow the advice of forgive then the college must be assuming that I am forgiving Dr. Dunne for his culpability.

Because of what Dr. Dunne did and when previously we asked that Dr. Dunne be removed as Randy's physician: this never happened.  Something about policy.  Once you have a physician in residential care you can't have him removed. You are forced into a deadly alliance.  Randy knew Dr. Dunne wanted to kill him but he couldn't do anything about it and neither could I.



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