Monday, August 18, 2014

Finding No. 4 Calder's Workplace Violence Assessment

4.  Ms. Laferriere has identified specific individuals in emails and in the internet blog.  These include Richard Singleton, Risk Management, Romilda Ang, George Pearson Manager, Tanvirenzoha Batlawala, Resident Care Co-ordinator, Sam Greenspan, Social Worker, and Dr. Dunne, Mr. Walker's physicians.  

Why is this an issue.  These are the people that I was told to deal with.  Was I not suppose to send them emails just discuss things verbally so there is no evidence to counter whatever these people might say. I know of no incident where any of these people ran from me or even cut a meeting short. 

And to think the taxpayer is paying for this idiotic report.

Finding #2 was even more stupid.

It is reasonable to conclude that Ms Laferriere recognizes that her behavior, actions, communications and contacts would cause fear, anxiety, and humiliation and intimidate workers.

So it is my fault. This assumption is ridiculous and illogical.

Where did Calder get this from. A clairvoyant. It was the other way around: staff and security intimidated me and caused me fear, anxiety, and humiliation to the point that before I went to George Pearson Centre to see Randy I had to take a valium to ensure that I be calm.  This is documented by my personal physician.  I did everything possible to avoid any type of interaction or conflict with staff. I did not want to get physically assaulted by them again. Violence does scare you into compliance or flight especially at seventy years old and weighing 100 pounds.. Staff was told not to talk to me so there was no real verbal interaction except the barest of pleasantries.

I expressed my displeasure with being bullied to management in January 2010-2011.  They just ignored my pleas. The social worker did not keep my notes I wrote to him, and Risk Management just looked into space when I talked to him.

If the result of this report wasn't so tragic it would be laughable.  Staff at GPC treated me with great disrespect and contempt and now this "expert" with his libel. And all the while Randy being denied his constitutional rights (1) not having a say in his treatment and (2) being imprisoned (no security of person) not to mention my rights were violated.

Calder's evidence is 35 pages long, a long way to go yet...

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