Friday, August 1, 2014

Jennifer Timer and Fraser Health Authority

I read Nurse (Jennifer Timer) criticizes 'condescending' response to mom's death in the Vancouver Sun on July 31 2014.

"A letter such as this may placate families without a health-care background but, as a PhD-educated former intensive care nurse, I find it condescending.  I am going to deconstruct this letter and everything that is wrong with their response and I am definitely taking it higher."

Jennifer mentions that patient safety should alway trump patient privacy.  This is the complete opposite of what I was told each time I worried about Randy not being in the line of sight of the nursing staff at George Pearson Centre.  Although it was an open ward the patients in the next bed always had the curtains closed for privacy leaving Randy isolated and him being unable to use a call bell or call out. This was policy said Dr. Dunne as well as Ro the manager and Tanu the head nurse.  Many nights I feared that because of this policy that Randy would die because he couldn't call out for help as no one would see him struggling and they would cover it up and say it was a natural death rather than culpable homicide. 

I am going to do as Jennifer said in her comments to the Sun that she was going to deconstruct the Fraser Health Authority's letter ... I am going to do the same with the Report of Kevin Calder who was commissioned to do a risk assessment report on me i.e. a criminal profile. It is 16 pages long with a 4 page affidavit.  It should take me weeks maybe months deconstructing each sentence.   I suspect VCHA told Kevin what the result of his report should say and he designed the report to reflect it.  The information was gathered between December 20 2013 and January 8, 2014.  Mr. Calder never spoke to me.

.  Ms. Laferriere poses a high risk of workplace violence (affective violence) in the form of punching, slapping, pushing and verbal abuse and agression.
.  Ms. Laferriere poses a low risk of predatory violence (targeted homicide)
.  Ms. Laferriere poses a high risk of ongoing bullying and harassing behaviour directed at VCH employees.

I had no idea that these things happened and I was that person.

VCHA has gone too far; it is not the CIA or the FBI.  I only wanted from the beginning to look after Randy and make friends for him at GPC so Randy would have friends there because he can't talk and he was always a loner.  Calder never even talked to Randy.  Randy can nod yes or no. 

Anyone that hires an ex security guard to write a criminal profile on anyone only shows the extreme measures VCHA will go to to discredit/demoralize someone.  And to think this report did have a bearing on the result of me not seeing Randy for weeks before he died because WorkSafe BC and the Public Guardian and Trustee got involved.

See below August 1 2014 post as well ...

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