Saturday, September 27, 2014

What a brain dead person could be worth to the economy.

Shocking Report Will Reveal How Doctors Hasten Death to Harvest Patients’ Organs

by Bobby Schindler, Brad Mattes | Washington, DC | | 9/26/14 6:51 PM

A silent and deadly epidemic is moving across America. No one is broadcasting it. No one is writing about it. Almost no one is even talking about it. But every day in hospitals, nursing homes and hospices across the country, more and more of our medically vulnerable loved ones are being euthanized.

Indeed, some physicians have admitted to this behavior. A 1998 article from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reported that hastening death is occurring and is not rare. In a survey of 355 oncologists, “(15.8%) reported participating in euthanasia or physician assisted suicide,” and “38 of 53 (72%) oncologists described clearly defined cases of euthanasia or physician assisted suicide.1

These decisions are being made by paid medical professionals. And loved ones, to their horror, are finding they’re not even part of the discussion. The patients’ crimes? They’re charged with having insufficient quality of life, being too expensive to keep alive, and being beyond the reach of medical science and therefore beyond hope.

Such judgments may lie behind what seems to be an increase in the “brain death” diagnosis. The difficulty of making a pinpoint diagnosis in such complex neurological matters—and the lucrative financial incentives to harvest organs—will ultimately propel this issue into the forefront of public consciousness and discourse.

Not surprisingly, the current procurement market for human tissues and organs in the United States is booming, driven by insufficient supply and heavy demand. According to The Milliman Report (see page 4), if all tissues and 11 organs could be harvested from a single patient declared brain-dead, however unlikely, the going rate for procurement would exceed half a million dollars. If all costs related to those 11 transplants are counted—preparation, physicians’ services, post-op care and the like—the money involved exceeds $5.5 million.2

For more information about this troubling issue, visit and

Sincerely for the vulnerable among us,

Bradley Mattes Bobby Schindler
Executive Director Executive Director
Life Issues Institute Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Calder's Report

I keep thinking about Calder's Report and how inaccurate and misleading it is and the damage it caused me and Randy.  This is about health care not a covert CIA operation in which the government relies on  erroneous reports as truth.. How can the health authority be the author of this injustice.  And it is sitting in the courthouse for anyone to read and photocopy (No. S142003).  And there is nothing I can do about it. Sue them, what a joke that is.

I remember the times I was told by visitors to Randy that they would visit him with bubbles coming from his trach and no nurse to suction him.   What about the bad nursing he received and I wasn't there to make sure he was looked after because of the banning. This was the whole point of my banning I now believe and it had nothing to do with me being overfriendly. Like Randy said I am really really really stupid.The deceit and the abuse of authority is vomitoid. 

If nursing is understaffed then the nurses should be picketing outside on the sidewalk on their days off..

Quote from Bobby Schindler 6/13/2008 When your life becomes difficult, change your life, not your morals.  Faced with difficult life choices today, too many have become too comfortable acting immorally.

A thought, I will ask the new seniors advocate appointed by the government to do something: Isobel Mackenzie.What a joke, you say. Yes, a joke.  I already asked for her help from her months ago and she never answered my email. Appear that something is happening.  Another puppet of the Ministry of Health whose primary job is to refer individuals to appropriate agencies but first you must face your abusers. Delay, until the victims pass and the children inherit.


Saturday, September 20, 2014


It is Saturday, September 20 2014.  I had a great deal of activity this past week.  I still do not understand how affidavits can go missing from the court house.  This time it was my Affidavit containing the police reports and all of them were not compatible with those of Paladin Security.. This in direct contrast with the dangers imposed by my behavioir towards staff, visitors, and residents.  I am pushing seventy and I do not recall any physical violence that I ever imposed on anyone.  VCH staff acted without forethought and in haste without regard to the law or the best interests of Randy.  On October 21, 2013, it was self-defence. I pushed the mob away from me and Randy. I should get an apologize and those that mobbed us should be arrested.

Deconstructing Calder's Report
Within days of Randy being first admitted to George Pearson Centre in 2010, he got an infection and had to be returned to Vancouver Coastal Health.  It was during this time that Randy wrote a letter to Dr. Roberts saying that he did not want to return to George Pearson Center and he wanted me to be involved in all decision making.  I scotched taped the letter to Randy's bed frame and bulletin wall.  Instead of discussing with us the problems, they abruptly moved Randy in Vancouver General Hospital and I could not find him.  This is what the first Paladin incident was about.  The next day when I went to visit Randy, Security was called and we left.  I had two friends of Randy with me then and no there was no shouting or disrespectful behaviour. The friends could not believe the actions of VGH.  I only wanted to see Randy and VGH choose to hide him. They even put a no contract order on without Randy's knowledge.  They imprisoned him.against his wishes. No police were called. This nonsense was documented by a document that was seven pages long by Paladin. VGH again sent Randy back to GPC against Randy's instructions..It is a joke to say that VCH are partners in care. Kim Sinclair authored this mess.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dr. Moira Stilwell

If you as a reader is disturbed by the way the medical establishment behaves, email Randy's MLA, Dr.Moira Stilwell. or phone her office at 604.660.8360 and tell her so. 

Her address is: 7283 Cambie Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6P 3H2
(right across from George Pearson Centre).

If she gets 200,000 emails and/or phone calls, better yet letters, things will swiftly change. It has got to. We can't be bullied by the medical authorities to the detriment of our security of person. 

You might also want to tell your doctor that you disapprove of what is happening on my blog or your own personal experiences.  All the doctors are members of the College of Physicians and Surgeons and they can institute changes quicker than the government.  


Sunday, September 14, 2014

The day after Randy's fifth's month anniversary of his death

I survived yesterday quite well.  I was surprised.  I did not cry once.  However, I did have flashbacks.

When I first was banned from seeing Randy in 2011 I asked one of the nurses if she would wheel Randy in his wheelchair to the common visitor's room so he could look out and see me on the sidewalk.  This she did.  They left him there alone.  He did not know what was happening.  He could see me.  He was gnarling at the large windows trying to get to me.  It was heart breaking.  I never asked for the staff to do this again. Now I am crying.

I still have to finish deconstructing Calder's report.  What Vancouver Coastal Health has done to discredit me is so bizarre it has to be believable.  I asked this past week for the report of  Dr. Georgia Nemetz, a psychologist in private practice who had been brought in by VCHA to conduct debriefings with GPC employees following the October 21, 2013, incident: the incident in which I was attacked by staff and security at GPC when I attempted to remove Randy from GPC.I acted in self-defence. When I receive it I will deconstruct it as well.

In Calder's Affidavit paragraph 19 he states that if I continue to have any access to GPC that there is a significant risk that staff at GPC, including Dr. Jame Dunne, who is crucial to the operation of GPC's respiratory ward, will quit or refuse to work on the respiratory ward at GPC.  Where in hell did he get that from.  Yes, Dr. Dunne do us a favour and quit. Just to reiterate in three years I spoke to Dunne a total of three times: totalling twenty minutes. I sent him numerous emails and he never replied to one of them.  As far as I am concerned this respected member of the medical establishment is a cry baby and don't get me going about Dr. John Fleetham, a bigger cry baby than Dr. Dunne..

In paragraph 20, Calder says that VCH has done all that it can to accommodate me in my requests to access Mr. Walker.  VCH is under significant pressure from other residents of GPC, families of those residents, staff at GPC, and WORKSAFE BC to protect the safety of all parties involved.  What residents, what families, what staff and I was told by Worksafe BC that they would never ask for the banning of anyone. And how did VCH accommodate me. They abused their powers and flaunted the law, no broke the law.. And now my Randy is dead, him being robbed of the time we could have been together.

What is wrong with Calder's and Nemetz's reports is I speculate that they were never made aware of the fact that Randy was not a prisoner at GPC and I only acted in self-defence.  Neither of them talked to me or saw the police report. I did not hit a police officer which Calder alledges. How could I intimidate staff at GPC when the staff are the experts in how to intimidate. What about the bruising I received on October 22, 2013 to which I have a witness. 

The best one is in paragraph 21 where Calder says that my behavior increases the risk of injury to herself.  Does that mean that staff is going to physically attack me again.  How can Clark, Wilson, VCH's lawyers allow such garbage to be entered as evidence against me wanting to see Randy.  But then lawyers do exactly what their clients tell them.

The deconstruction will post...


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Randy's fifth month anniversary of his death

I apologize again for not doing enough to save Randy.  Randy always said I was stupid and I agree.  I have been trying to puzzle what has happen these past years since his accident.
One does not need a constitutional challenge to tell Vancouver Coastal Health that it denied Randy his security of person and that they should have acted in his best interests.  As for me I was entrapped by a system that is not accountable to anyone: no jail time.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Doctors in Ontario have to follow the law re DNRs and informed consent.

At least in Ontario, doctors are finally instructed to follow the law: 

Doctors at a major Toronto hospital violated the law by unilaterally imposing a do-not-resuscitate order on an elderly patient against his family’s wishes, an Appeal Board has ruled in an extraordinary clash over end-of-life care.

go to National Post and type in DNR (father : Douglas DeGuerre ; daughter: Joy Wawrzyniak, who saw her father die and no one would help including the doctors who put the illegal DNR Order on her father).

This happened to me twice finding Randy needing acute care as he was heading for heart failure but I was lucky I called 911 and Randy's imminent death via DNR was averted.  

But then I was banned on January 29 2014 from both George Pearson Centre and all other Vancouver General Hospitals because of disrespectful conduct. Risk Management said the Order would be extended forever; this was confirmed by a letter from its lawyers.  

Randy finally died on April 13 2014 from organ failure. No one told me he had bad organs.

I had to get a Supreme Court Order to see Randy die in the ICU.  I had to get the Order by myself (self-counsel).  

I do not know how the Public Trustee and Guardian got involved but its lawyer was able to get an adjournment at the first court hearing for three weeks as Randy's condition was "plateaued" so I could not see Randy for another three weeks and a few days later he died. The PGT didn't care about Randy. If they did they would have made sure I had access to Randy.

If anyone knows how to get a hold of Joy Wawrzniak please refer her to this blog and thank her for fighting for her father since 2008.  I would like to talk to her. 604-321-2276

Postscript September 9, 2014, no mention of the Ontario decision is found in the Province or the Sun.  

I am also looking for Mary Turner who was/is a resident of Prince George.  She lives/lived across from the college.


If you as a reader are disturbed by the way the medical establishment behaves, email Randy's MLA, Dr.Moira Stilwell. or phone her office at 604.660.8360 and tell her so.If she gets 200,000 emails and/or phone calls, things will swiftly change. It has got to. We can't be bullied by the medical authorities to the detriment of our security of person. They want DNRs so they can take people's lives away from them before it is truly time.  Quality of life issues for the most part are bogus. What quality of life do I have: I am poor


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