Saturday, September 20, 2014


It is Saturday, September 20 2014.  I had a great deal of activity this past week.  I still do not understand how affidavits can go missing from the court house.  This time it was my Affidavit containing the police reports and all of them were not compatible with those of Paladin Security.. This in direct contrast with the dangers imposed by my behavioir towards staff, visitors, and residents.  I am pushing seventy and I do not recall any physical violence that I ever imposed on anyone.  VCH staff acted without forethought and in haste without regard to the law or the best interests of Randy.  On October 21, 2013, it was self-defence. I pushed the mob away from me and Randy. I should get an apologize and those that mobbed us should be arrested.

Deconstructing Calder's Report
Within days of Randy being first admitted to George Pearson Centre in 2010, he got an infection and had to be returned to Vancouver Coastal Health.  It was during this time that Randy wrote a letter to Dr. Roberts saying that he did not want to return to George Pearson Center and he wanted me to be involved in all decision making.  I scotched taped the letter to Randy's bed frame and bulletin wall.  Instead of discussing with us the problems, they abruptly moved Randy in Vancouver General Hospital and I could not find him.  This is what the first Paladin incident was about.  The next day when I went to visit Randy, Security was called and we left.  I had two friends of Randy with me then and no there was no shouting or disrespectful behaviour. The friends could not believe the actions of VGH.  I only wanted to see Randy and VGH choose to hide him. They even put a no contract order on without Randy's knowledge.  They imprisoned him.against his wishes. No police were called. This nonsense was documented by a document that was seven pages long by Paladin. VGH again sent Randy back to GPC against Randy's instructions..It is a joke to say that VCH are partners in care. Kim Sinclair authored this mess.


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