Friday, February 27, 2015

18 November 2013: the day Randy should have died revisited

I woke up this morning again with the November 18 2013 incident haunting me.  I do not know why that incident was not investigated as I told enough people about it especially at emergency in VCH.  Who made the decision that Randy should die.  Ro the manager of GPC had some of Randy's stuff packed up and she asked me to take them home.  Thinking back I though it strange as he was in a large single room.  She knew what was going to happen.

And why was it that when Randy was in VGH he was full code and immediately upon his return to GPC Dunne changed the coding to DNR and DNT and no one told me.  At least the social worker should have told me but then he could have been under instructions not to. I relied on him to let me know what was happening. 

I want to thank that RN who was on night shift who phoned me that Randy was dying so I had the time to rush to GPC and save Randy.  I suspect the nurse did not know that I lived only a short distance from GPC.  By chance or whatever, I thank him..

And what did GPC do then, they decided to rob me of my right to ever see Randy again.  I remember telling Ro when she told me that this is what could happen I said that was impossible as the only thing they have on me is that I send emails....I suspect she was warning me not to talk about the DNR incident or I will never see Randy again.


Monday, February 23, 2015

Can you believe this ...

National Post 9/6/2014 by Tom Blackwell

Nurses are putting pressure on doctors to kill patients.

"Contentious cases can have a deep impact on the health-care system, said Dr. Chris Doig, who has seen nurses quit the ICU after staff were forced to provide treatment they considered futile."

Now it is not up to a patient or a family member or a doctor, now it is up to a nurse.


Physician-assisted suicide is against public policy:

a) it encourages people with years to live to throw away their lives
b) it creates new paths of elder abuse
c) it empowers healthcare systems to steer
 people to suicide.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bereavement not ending: Lies and Brian Willliams (NBC)

I keeping thinking about how terribly Randy and I were treated by Vancouver Coastal Health and it is still going on.  I asked to see a patient at George Pearson Centre for the past six months and each time I am told that she is not up to it.  She is not saying she does not want to see me, it is George Pearson who is hindering it.

They constructively imprisoned Randy for years and now they are taking the right away from this woman who is totally disabled from seeing me.  I have no way to access her.  And believe it or not I am afraid of the mob hysteria I had encountered (assault) and bullying by staff and security at GPC.  Remember in October 2013 I attempted to remove Randy from the caustic environment from GPC and I was attacked.  Whatever I did was in self defensive.  AND it was Randy's wish as he wanted to leave as he hated GPC and his doctor (when you ask him what he thought of Dr. Dunne, Randy would give the finger) and finally I decided to get him away and do my fiduciary duty to him, I was attacked.

 In their panic the staff lied and said I alledgedly assaulted staff and even a police officer (not true) that woman security guard Karen Marshall she put a choke hold on me which is illegal and which she confessed to in a report.  I have a picture of the bruising to my arms when staff tried to pull me from holding on to Randy's wheelchair. She should have been fired for that alone and criminally charged.Nothing was formally  investigated; just other incidents.The Report is so inaccurate it says that Randy's wheelchair was a 20,000 lb electric chair and I was using it as a weapon; not true, it was a light-weight manual wheel chair which I could move with a finger. Even the police would do nothing except to convince me to leave Randy there.

Remember I was doing my fiduciary duty to Randy as his representative/guardian/substitute decision maker, and Randy's repeated request to be removed from GPC, There are numerous emails to VGH and also my verbal requests to verify this..

But since the court of public opinion, the media, won't  investigate, because of some source of theirs who  alledged that I commited an assault and I was distraught because of my over concern for Randy, they won't get involved as they were afraid (a reporter told me) that it would make matters worse.

How worse can it get, Randy is dead now and VCH banned me from seeing Randy before he died. Randy was on his death bed, why else would Dr. Dunne put a DNR Order on him without his consent and then Dunne bans me from seeing Randy.  Barbaric and malicious.

A DNR was bad enough but to make sure Randy would die on November 18 2013, Dr. Dunne put a Do Not Transfer Order on Randy as well.  So Randy would be stopped from going to VGH if he needed acute care and he did need it on November 18 2013.  He would have died if I did get to him before he did..

Remember the DNR incident happened on November 18 2013 and Randy died on April 13 2014.


Friday, February 6, 2015

A DNR in British Columbia.

From wikipedia


 In 1995, the Canadian Medical Association, the Canadian Hospital Association, the Canadian Nursing Association, and the Catholic Health Association of Canada worked with the Canadian Bar Association to clarify and create a Joint Statement on Resuscitate Interventions guideline for use to determine when and how DNR orders are assigned.[12] DNR orders must be discussed by doctors with the patient or patient agents or patient's significant others. Unilateral DNR by medical professionals can only be used if the patient is in a vegetative state.[12]

In British Columbia it seems that a patient doesn't have to be consulted.   When Randy's DNR was placed on him in November 15 2013 he nor I were consulted.  Only his doctor.  This was criminal mischief by Dr. Dunn. Dr. Dunn never explained why he put the DNR on Randy.  I want to know why.


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Flashback: Tanu November 2010

I woke up this morning February 2 2015 shaking in a cold sweat crying and thinking of Randy.
The first day I went to Randy in 2010 (after VGH attempted to hide him)(I found him by accident) I was told by Nurse Ratchet that I was not to touch the bed or be given a chair nor was I allowed to talk to anyone unless I was spoken to first. Trust her she said as she had the power so that I would never see Randy again.  What policy book did she get that from. I am sure there is such a book be it verbal rather than written which only supervisors are privy to.

And she managed to get me 100% banned from seeing Randy in 2014 while he was dying.  There was nothing in the banning letters in January 2014 that said I could see Randy if he was near real death. After his death I cried for months and could do nothing to mitigate my loss.

Who are these people who make a game of demoralizing patients and their families.  And to make it worse to get me banned VCH got outside consultants who did not talk to me but did  write damaging reports that I was not allowed to dispute or know about.  In fact they say what they want because they are protected saying it is confidential. The consultants used hearsay from staff.  What a waste of money. What deceit. If I was an employee I would be horrified that they were doing this to them as well.

Another woman supervisor also told me in 2011 that I would never see Randy even on his death bed.  Her name was Ms. Linda Rose. This was after I asked the Chairman of the Board Kip Woodward for an investigation. When I relayed this to a social worker she said that it was something Linda Rose would do..

Who trains these people to be borderline psychopaths. Or do they just learn it on the job.:It is a game to them to see how long it takes to demoralize their prey. I see no other justification for causing such harm. I scream inside myself knowing how Randy was terrorized not knowing if he would ever see me again.  These medical bully-psychos are all around us in positions of minuet power that slowly compound causing incredible harm bordering on the barbaric. They are actors; they have no guilt or horror. 

I am not the only one they ban from hospitals in this way. It is noticeable: one day family members/friends are there, the next day they are never seen again. Again who is going to go against VCH after you are demoralized . Cameras should be in every ward to make sure that the nurses and patients and family members are treated with respect. I asked for a full investigation into all the allegations from 2010 and it was never done.


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