Friday, February 27, 2015

18 November 2013: the day Randy should have died revisited

I woke up this morning again with the November 18 2013 incident haunting me.  I do not know why that incident was not investigated as I told enough people about it especially at emergency in VCH.  Who made the decision that Randy should die.  Ro the manager of GPC had some of Randy's stuff packed up and she asked me to take them home.  Thinking back I though it strange as he was in a large single room.  She knew what was going to happen.

And why was it that when Randy was in VGH he was full code and immediately upon his return to GPC Dunne changed the coding to DNR and DNT and no one told me.  At least the social worker should have told me but then he could have been under instructions not to. I relied on him to let me know what was happening. 

I want to thank that RN who was on night shift who phoned me that Randy was dying so I had the time to rush to GPC and save Randy.  I suspect the nurse did not know that I lived only a short distance from GPC.  By chance or whatever, I thank him..

And what did GPC do then, they decided to rob me of my right to ever see Randy again.  I remember telling Ro when she told me that this is what could happen I said that was impossible as the only thing they have on me is that I send emails....I suspect she was warning me not to talk about the DNR incident or I will never see Randy again.


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