Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Chris Dunn died today.

Chris Dunn died today 23 December 2015 of natural causes.  He was 46.  What do they mean by natural causes.  If he was going to die anyways why did the Houston Methodist Hospital decide to withdraw life support.  Or was it just the money that the Hospital would save by extending the life of Chris by a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks.

It is unconsciousable.

Quote by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., "Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and most inhumane."

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Do Not Resuscitate Orders

  • When a DNR order is on a chart, doctors often refrain from implementing other life-sustaining treatment
  • Some patients are pressured to sign DNR orders, worded with medical jargon they do not understand, when they are in a confused state. 
At VGH the patient doesn't even sign a DNR, only the doctor, and no witnesses are required.

Under our forthcoming Euthanasia law, euthanasia cannot be executed on a patient who is incompetent.  My understanding is that with a DNR, it is the reverse, if a patient is incompetent his surrogate can authorize a DNR.

from the Terry Schiavo Life and Hope Network:

"What is happening to Chris Dunn at Houston Methodist happens daily in medical facilities nationwide," says Bobby Schindler, brother of Terri Schiavo and president of the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network.

Schindler continues, "The rights of patients and their family members have been abrogated and turned over to complete strangers—ethics committees, hospital boards and health care professionals. Even in such heartbreaking cases as Mr. Dunn, who is literally begging for his care to be continued, the hospital seems to be taking whatever action possible to remove him from its balance sheet. Hospital administrators should not be able to summarily deny the civil liberties of a disabled patient."

Vancouver Coastal Health denied Randy his civil liberties and also imprisoned him so that I could not access him.  We do not have to say that Chris Dunn is in the USA, the same thing is happening here in Canada.  Bobby Schindler at least laid the blame on money which is the reason for draconian decisions. 

I have asked that the Public Guardian and Trustee to investigate George Pearson Centre, but it hasn't even answered my communication.

Harry Rankin once said to say "coverup" and you will get action but VGH/PGT are immune to even that.  I do not know what to do.

Quote from Martin Luther King, Jr., "Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and most inhumane."


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Texas decides Chris Dunn should die ..

American hero faces death sentence in a Texas hospital  ... euthanasia!  Is a version of this happening in British Columbia.

by Texas Right to LifeFriday, December 04, 2015
Houston, Texas- December 4, 2015: If you’re ailing and in a Texas hospital, who should decide if you have the right to live: you or a committee of hospital administrators?

Right now, an American hero is fighting for his right to make that decision from his hospital bed at Houston Methodist Hospital. 

David Christopher “Chris” Dunn is one of countless Texans who have been victimized by the draconian Texas Advance Directives Act (TADA), enacted by the Texas Legislature in 1999.  

The law – which benefits the medical lobby and jeopardizes medically vulnerable Texans – protects the financial and discriminatory interests of hospitals and physicians by abrogating the civil liberties of patients.

When a hospital or physician determines for any reason that they disagree with a patient’s decision about his or her own medical treatment and invokes TADA, Texas law protects those healthcare providers as they remove life-sustaining treatment from the patient even when doing so means overriding the patient’s desire and right to live—and even when the treatment is benefitting the patient.  

The law does not require that the hospital inform the patient or family about the reasons or basis for the removal of treatment, which could include financial reasons, discrimination, or subjective quality of life value judgments about the life of the patient.

Chris, who has served Texas and the nation as an EMT, in the Harris County Sheriff’s office, and Homeland Security employee, received his death sentence when Methodist invoked the TADA statutory process last month. 

After the hospital announced that care would be forcibly removed from Chris against his will, Chris’s family contacted Texas Right to Life, and, with legal aid, an extension of the ten-day waiting period was secured.  (The law requires this ten-day period ostensibly to provide time for a patient to transfer to another facility that will accept him and follow his medical directive.). 

A Harris County judge has granted two consecutive two-week extensions thus far, but Houston Methodist Hospital has countered these interventions with additional court filings to remove Chris’s mother from the process.  His mother, Evelyn, has been vigilant in protecting Chris since he is intermittently sedated.  In this You Tube video below, a conscious and alert Chris Dunn pleads for legal assistance from his attorneys: 

Most Texans are incredulous upon learning that a patient who is conscious and communicating his desire to live can be killed by the forcible removal of life-sustaining care, which is euthanasia by hospital committee.  But this is exactly the scenario you just saw in this powerful video.

What makes the Texas Advance Directives Act even more despicable is the airtight power of the hospital to kill patients without any recourse to appeal the death sentence imposed by the hospital committee.  That’s right – the final arbiter over the hospital’s fatal decision is the hospital!

For this reason, Texas Right to Life has been at-the-ready with pro bono lega lcounsel equipped to help countless patients and their families navigate the mind-boggling labyrinth of the hospital system for many years.  TADA is an anti-Life, anti-Texan law and endangers all hospitalized patients, and particularly the disabled and the indigent who may not be able to pay for their care.

In no other state are patients subjected to this level of legally-protected abuse of power among hospitals and physicians.  Texas Right to Life has spent the last decade working to repeal TADA and restore the Right to Life of hospitalized Texans at the mercy of the powerful medical lobby year after year.

Enough is enough.  Join Texas Right to Life to help Chris see Christmas. 


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Houston family seeks to protect life of ailing patient | Texas Right to Life

Houston family seeks to protect life of ailing patient | Texas Right to Life

What is happening in Texas seems to happening here in Canada.  If you do not agree with the medical team they will take away your Representation Agreement etc. and give it to a third party (PGT)  who will agree with the medical team to put down the one you have a fiduciary duty to in favour of death against a patient's wish.  This is what Vancouver Coastal Health did to me and I live in British Columbia, not Texas.

See the video. https/

If a patient does not agree to die, he will be declared incompetent and so will his surrogate.  We do not need an euthanasia law, we already have it.

by Texas Right to LifeFriday, December 04, 2015
Houston, Texas- December 4, 2015:

In November, Methodist Hospital delivered a letter to the mother of David Christopher Dunn, “Chris,” confirming plans to remove and withdraw medical treatment at the end of ten days.  Because Chris is intermittently conscious due to sedation, his mother is acting as his Medical Power of Attorney.  

However, Methodist has invoked the statutory process found in the Texas Advanced Directives Act (TADA-Chapter 166.046 of the Health & Safety Code), which allows the hospital to override medical directives of a patient and provide only ten days’ notice before withdrawing life-sustaining treatment.   Dunn’s only recourse is to find another facility that will offer him an ICU bed – a daunting task on a rushed time frame for anyone, but even more so for patients without insurance such as Chris. 

Chris is an American hero, who has served his community and the nation as an EMT, a police dispatcher, a Harris County Sheriff, and a Homeland Security employee.  Chris even fought Somali pirates as part of a security team.  Rather than protecting Chris’s Right to Life, the state of Texas is rewarding his lifetime of selfless service by relinquishing him to a hospital panel who have judged his quality of life too low to merit continued treatment.

Tragically, this is the way countless Texans have lived out their final days since 1999, when TADA unconstitutionally bestowed on healthcare facilities authority over Life and death.

Doctors who decide their patients’ cases are “futile” – regardless of their motive or reasons for doing so – hold the power to remove patients from medical treatment or to issue a Do-Not-Resuscitate order on the patient, even if such action is against the expressed wishes of the patient or his surrogate. 

If the patient or his surrogate cannot find a transfer facility willing to take the patient within that ten-day period, there is no appellate process for the decision of the hospital panel.  In other words, hospital panels have the right to decide which medically vulnerable Texans live and die. 

Texas Right to Life has assisted Chris’s family in navigating this legal labyrinth to ensure that he continues to receive care.  As a result of Texas Right to Life’s advocacy, Methodist Hospital agreed to extend the time for Chris, and the family was granted a two-week extension by a Harris County judge.  Yesterday, a second two week extension was granted.

However, yesterday Methodist Hospital also filed an injunction seeking custodial guardianship of Chris.  If granted, this injunction would legally prevent his mother, Evelyn, from fighting for the rights of her son.  The family has released a video in which Chris clearly communicates that he wants to live and that he wants his lawyers to continue to fight for his life.  

Since Evelyn would not succumb to pressure from the hospital to impose death upon Chris, Methodist’s lawyers are now trying to remove Evelyn from Chris’s bedside and from his medical care.  The hospital is attempting to neutralize her ability to protect the life of her 40-something year old son.

The Office of the Attorney General sent a strong message that the law could not be defended if challenged, stating that the OAG would not be involved in the case.  Chris’s attorneys plan to file a constitutional challenge to the law.  This cannot take place if Evelyn’s rights to speak for her son are stripped and the ill-intended hospital garners all control over the care, treatment, and life of Chris.

Why is Houston Methodist Hospital trying to take Chris's life? | Texas Right to Life

Why is Houston Methodist Hospital trying to take Chris's life? | Texas Right to Life
by Texas Right to LifeWednesday, December 09, 2015
Last week, we alerted supporters and media to the harrowing ordeal of American hero Chris Dunn at Houston Methodist Hospital, where administrators are fighting to remove him from life-sustaining treatment.  Texas Right to Life has been at the helm of efforts to save Chris, and we have seen a tidal wave of support – along with thoughtful and poignant questions – from our friends.
Chris was admitted to Methodist Hospital over eight weeks ago, and the hospital is currently withholding diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment for Chris’s ailment because they have arbitrated that Chris’s life is no longer worthy of care – even though Chris and his family disagree with that conclusion.

Chris’s case seems unbelievable to many Texans who cannot imagine that our state boasts a law allowing hospitals to remove patients from life-sustaining treatments against their will.  Sadly, this is exactly what the Texas Advance Directives Act (TADA), passed in 1999, permits.  Rendering Chris’s case even more shocking is video documentation, filmed in his hospital room last week, of Chris pleading for his life to attorneys who are fighting the hospital’s directive on his behalf.

Under TADA, in Section 166.046, Texas Health and Safety Code, a hospital can take away treatment from a patient (conscious or unconscious) against his will, his advance directive, or his Medical Power of Attorney.  The hospital only is required to give the family 10 days’ notice before removing treatment, but the process for patients in these situations to find another facility that will provide care often takes weeks.  We have been working to secure care at a different facility, but the law inhibits this process by imposing impossible deadlines and the hospital has abandoned efforts to treat Chris, further delaying the transfer.

The law is barbaric and gives faceless hospital panels the sole authority to take a person’s life instead of empowering patients and families to make their own decisions about their care.  Essentially, the law not only allows Chris to be killed against his will, but also hinders our ability to help him live.  Pro-Lifers have long warned of the dangerous death panels which threaten to become commonplace under Obamacare.  Because of TADA, Texas has served as a tragic example of what this kind of legislation looks like in action for the last sixteen years.  No other state has as merciless a statute as the Texas Advance Directives Act.  Only Virginia has a similar law, which, unlike in Texas, remains rarely if ever invoked.

Many have asked what Chris’s medical diagnosis is.  In short: no one – including his doctors – knows.  This is not because Chris is suffering from an inexplicable illness, but simply because his physicians refuse to investigate his symptoms to find a cause.  Chris was admitted with a mass on his pancreas which, to date, the hospital has not biopsied. 

What we do know about Chris’s medical state is that he is not brain-dead; he is conscious and responds to commands and answers questions by nodding his head and waving his arms.  He has persisted in his condition with little change since his admittance at Methodist two months ago.  Chris’s condition may be treatable, but the hospital has discriminated against Chris by ruling treatment futile based on an arbitrary “quality of life” judgment, and they have done this without even investing due diligence in diagnosing him.

The hospital has not predicated this decision on Chris’s inability to pay.  Instead, the hospital has focused on subjective quality of life judgments as the reason for denying Chris life-sustaining care.  Although he did not have insurance when admitted, Chris is eligible for emergency Medicaid, and Chris is receiving other treatment at Methodist.  

The issue at hand is the hospital’s insistence on removing Chris from a ventilator, which would kill him.

Wielding the power over Chris’s life, the hospital has myriad options available to them.  Houston Methodist could reverse the decision to invoke TADA and allow Chris to live on his own terms.  They could biopsy the mass on his pancreas and initiate a treatment plan.  They could continue treating Chris without a deadline pending his transfer to another facility – whenever that can be achieved.  But the hospital has eschewed these alternatives and stubbornly clung to their intention of ending Chris’s life. 

Last week, the hospital petitioned a court to allow them to usurp the authority of Chris’s mother as his Medical Power of Attorney and instead name an unknown staff member at Houston Methodist as Chris’s custodial guardian – all in an effort to ensure his demise.

The provisions of the Texas Advance Directives Act have ravaged vulnerable hospital patients and their families long enough.  Please help Texas Right to Life save Chris by contacting Houston Methodist CEO Marc Boom at 713-441-2671 or, and sign our petition to #HelpChrisSeeChristmas here.  Then, alert your family and friends to Chris’s situation by participating in our December 15 Thunderclap, and using the hash tag #HelpChrisSeeChristmas on social media.

Finally, we must work to ensure, through legislative change, that Texas hospitals do not impose unjust death sentences as any more patients.  Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has affirmed that the Texas Advance Directives Act is legally indefensible, and Texas Right to Life has spent the last several Legislative Sessions working to overturn the statute.  But rogue Republicans have consistently upended these efforts.  That’s why we must elect thoroughly Pro-Life leaders in the 2016 election.  We can protect Life from fertilization to natural death; will you join us in the fight? 

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