Thursday, June 30, 2016

Andrew MacFarlane

I came across a newpaper article about the Connections.  It is a centre for addiction.  Andrew MacFarlane of Vancovuer Coastal Health spoke to the Province about it.

I would like Andrew MacFarlane to speak to me.  I have been trying for months maybe a year for him to explain why he took away my Representation Agreement and Power of Attorney just days before my husband died.  He will not explain why.  He just signed the Order. He rubber stamped something from someone from somewhere. I do not understand how he can sign such an Order without even talking to me.  But then that is how Vancouver Coastal Health works.  When MacFarlane can sign a fiat Order based on what I suspect is collateral evidence, evidence that is gossip, no verification, some low bureaucrat telling him to do it, not telling me, not allowing me to question it, then there is something wrong with what he is doing.  There is not much anyone can do if these dubious officers of the court will not talk to you.  What recourse does one have.  How do you make him accountable.  Complain to who.  How can they go against the legal wishes of my husband. What is the purpose of the law when a robot can take your legal rights away at will.

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