Sunday, April 30, 2017

Getting Old

I was at the senior's center this afternoon for the Happy Gang coffee hour.  The discussion went to being old and all of us were of the opinion that were still thinking as we were when we were 25 athough most of us were in our mid 70s. We did not see ourselves as "old" until we looked in a mirror.  This aging is very interesting.  I know I am at the end of my life but the thought of the end is surreal.

I am still being haunted by the memory of Carolanne. .How dare VCHA get to her and coerce her to say that she does not want to see me.  If I cannot see her how can I convince her that she can see me and that no bad things will happen.  But then I do not even know if I can promise her that because her care is in the hands of the health authority.  VCHA even said that Carolanne was incompetent which is not true.  I countered that by communicating with the Public Guardian and Trustee saying that if and when a Certificate of Incapability was to be issued for Carolanne that I wanted to become her committee. This is the kind of power VCHA has over its patients.  It can assess you as being incompetent even if you are not and you will become a non-person hidden from view with no rights.  That is what they did to Randy, so why not Carolanne. Randy was not incompetent, he was depressed or was sick.  Just because he did not want to be interrogated that does not mean he was incompetent. And VCHA did not include me in Randy's incapability assessment although I had Randy's power of attorney and health representation agreement and I should be involved.  And the doctor who said Randy was incompetent was the same doctor who decided to put on an unauthorized DNR on him without telling Randy or me.

I still cannot get over the fact that the VCHA was able to revoke my power of attorney in 2014. The PGT/VCHA decided that I could not be Randy's power of attorney as I was not spending Randy's money.  It was rather hard for me to spend Randy's money when I was not authorized to do so as he was competent to decide on what he was to spend his money on.  When the PGT told me on a complaint submitted by Ro Ang, the manager of George Pearson Centre, that I was abusing Randy, I did not think much about it. Let Ro be Ro. Find nothing. So after they discovered that I was not recklessly spending Randy's money, they created the scenario that I should have been spending Randy's money.  I was not allowed to hoard it.  It did not matter if it was $200 or $20,000. It did not randy's money was in a lawyer's trust account. I was frantically spending money on Randy but it was my money like the $240 I had to spend to apply for a court visitation order. Then I was told that since Randy was incompetent that I had no authority to start a visitation order to see him.  And pray tell me when did he become incompetent.  No one told me. The first I heard of it was on April 4 2014 and Randy died a week later. I remember a wife of a resident/patient in GPC said to me that with VCHA, the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. 

The PGT/VCHA remind me of wannabe police officers who are inadequately trained security officers who practice their martial arts training by beating up homeless people targeting the elderly and the disabled.

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