Sunday, August 13, 2017

A reason why I can't get a lawyer.

This told me after I recently asked a lawyer for help:

Lawyers are required to serve their clients in a competent manner.  If a case is complicated and outside the lawyer's area of expertise, a lawyer may not be able to service the client in a competent manner -- this could lead to a finding of misconduct or liability in negligence.

Health care law is very complex,And there are very few lawyers that specialize in it.  Those that do work for the health auhority.

As a note.  I want to thank Master Baker (a judge) of the Supreme Court of British Columbia for explaining what proportionality means.  See internet.

So how did VCHA banning me for life from ALL VCHA properties in Randy's last weeks/months of life (VCHA knew he was activively dying)  protect VCHA and its assets from me.  Did the punishment fit the crime. And to doubly make sure that their assets were protected it had to engage the Public Guardian and Trustee  and others to revoke my power of attorney and representation agreement.  Thus I would be legally barred further from Randy.  I could not even advocate for Randy off site.  I had no legal standing.  No one would share information with me.

Randy was in a private room (under security) and I could have continued to see him without offending the  assets of VCHA. .The private room was deliberate because if Randy needed assistance staff would not hear him as Randy could not call out as he had a trach nor could he use a call bell. The private room was the most distant from the nurses station than any other room.  

And VCHA telling me that its assets are private property and VCHA can do what it wants without explanation is not a truthful fact.  VCHA is a creation of the provincial government thus it is a public body subject to constitutional safeguards..The simple test is who appoints the Board of Directors. 

I am still banned for life from all VCHA properties and was told that the banning would never be lifted.  Randy died in 2014.  I can't even visit a patient no mater what. 

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