Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Daphne Bramham and Bountiful (the FLDS)

On 13 August 2017 I attended a gathering where Daphne was speaking on the August 11 2017 decision of the court.  The court had sentenced Mr. and Mrs. Blackmore to jail for facilitating a polygamous marriage of their 13 year old daughter to a Mormon leader.

Daphne said that when abuse was suspected by hospital staff when children of Bountiful went to Creston emergency, the hospital was not allowed to contact the police. This directive came from the AG of BC. They were instructed to contact the Bishop Blackmore.

That must be the same protocol that the VPD has with VCHA.  On two occasions I was assaulted by VCHA staff and when the police (I had them called) both times), the police arrived and I told them that I wanted charges laid and nothing came of it. They assault me, they sit on me imprisoning me, they accused me of using a pen as a weapon.  But they would not phone the police.  And when the police finally came it was in response to its  non-emergency number which delayed their attendance.

VCHAstaff were following orders.  Following illegal orders went out with the Nuremberg trials.

The Bountiful protocol must exist between the VPD and VCHA.  VPD may attend but their function is only to calm and do nothing. . The police were so kind to me ... too kind. Their job was to calm me so that I did not insist on charges.  VPD did not investigate the black and blue brusings.They did not even talk to the attackers. Thinking back the VPD were very respectful as if they knew they could not do anything.  Much like the judge I faced on April 8 2014.  He would not grant VCHA the restraining order it sought but he did adjourn the matter for 30-days.  I still remember him loooking down at me as if to say he was sorry that was the best he could do.  Randy was comatose and he died five days later in ICU.

Therefore, VCHA has authority to be thugs and nothing will ever happen to them.  MLA Stilwell told me when I was being bullied by the VCHA in 2011, she could not help me as VCHA had its own government.

Thank you Daphne for pointing out the Bountiful protocol. Downloading policing powers to non-profits (churches and hospitals and the SPCA) is a slippery slope to a futuristic dark world that I want no part of.

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